Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week 9 - Camp Kuehner Continues...Open Class Preparation is under Way.

We started off our weekend visiting the inlaws.  Our niece and nephew wanted to spend another week with us, so we visited their parents on Saturday so they could see them before we headed back to our house.  I also took some family photos for a friend of ours at her parent's 50th wedding anniversary!  How wonderful is that!  50 years together!!

I managed to get pulled over while making a milk/bread run.  I didn't realize that the speed limit had changed in an area.  Fortunately I fell "with in his acceptable range for a written warning."  He was nice, and I was grateful for just a warning.  But Holy cow...BG speed limits are going to drive me crazy!

Joe took a group of the kids to see the new Star Trek movie.  He was dying to go and my older nephew wanted to go.  So we set it up while Joe was home on Sunday afternoon.  They all really enjoyed the movie.

While they were all at the movie, I worked away on my blog for the week.  Something I have been rather lax doing and the girls who stayed home painted.

I made up a calendar to help Joey out this week.  I made sure to keep it posted on the fridge.  I haven't been very good lately about keeping things posted and only telling him verbally.  This doesn't work well for him.  So we had to make some changes to help his anxiety level.

I thought it was going to be a more calm week, and it is.  But we still had activities planned for every single day.  It is our last official full week off from school.  We start back part-time next week.

On Monday, we decided to go blueberry picking.  It poured off and on the overnight, but even with that little glitch, it was a beautiful picking time.  Then we were off to lunch out as a treat.  Two of the kids and my mom had checkups at various doctors.  So I timed everything around those appointments.

On Tuesday we went to see the new Ice Age movie.  We headed back home for lunch and then went to the local city pool for some diving.

They swam for hours and had a blast.

On Wednesday, Ms. Caty had her alignment check.  Turns out her pelvis has been out of alignment for a few months.  So now we need to get it to stay in place.  Then we came home for their final online art class in this session.

Then it was a lazy day.  The kids played with the Drone copter and watched TV.  We didn't do anything more than that until it was time for cheerleading practice.  One more week before we start competitions!

On Thursday it was a long day.  We started out going to the Toledo Art Museum and enjoying their hands-on exhibits.

 Their job was to spot artwork either depicting food or had food in it.  They found lots in this corner.

 Then we were off to a unique place friends had told us about in Michigan.  We had to pick Daddy up at Detroit airport.  The kids loved it there.

Lots of tickets won!

Then we played some glow golf..

 And had dinner while waiting for daddy's plane to arrive.  We also went to Barnes and Noble and got their free summer reading books.  We had a great time.

We felt it on Friday.  Wow!!  We were all dragging.  Lydia had her last horse camp of the summer and Caty had riding also.  After getting groceries, we went home and realized how late it was.  So we all crashed and watched TV.  On Saturday we had fair booth set up.  It was a bit much for Joey.  But we all survived it.  Then relaxed at home and waited for Carra and Robbie's parents to arrive.  They were headed home after two weeks with us.  Camp Kuehner was successful and now it's time to get back to regular life.  Light Schoolwork starts back up next week, and we'll start prepping for our county fair's open class.  Everyone is putting stuff in, except daddy.  So we have a lot to get ready!!

Hope everyone had a great week!!  See everyone next weekend!!!

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