Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 10 - 12 .. The Fair Season Begins....and then the Whirlwind season is over

So we found out last week that Ms. Caty won an Outstanding Award for her Nutrition Project at the State Fair.  She was very happy!!  This is her first time entering projects at the State Level.  She had done county and enjoyed that, so she is happy to see that trophy sitting there for her!

We helped set up our 4H Clubs booth at the fair.  The kids went with a Minecraft theme.  Our little club is a great group of kids.  We had a very high percentage of county awards, considering we have only around 22 members.

On Monday the older kids had a shift at the 4H Milkshake Barn.  Joey is allergic to dairy, so I didn't let him work.  Caty wasn't old enough this year.  So it was just Lydia and Brayden.  They both had a really good time.  I knew Brayden would love it there.  He is a budding foodie.

Tuesday we met some friends at an area park.  They are home for a few short weeks and moving to Chile.  We love reading about all their new adventures and were very excited to see them again.  The boys had plenty to talk about since they play Minecraft together on the server.  We heard a lot of Minecraft exchanges while we were there.  It was so much fun!

We came home and started back on our light summer school load.  We are finishing our last couple states for our US Geography and the kids are working on getting their projects ready for Open Class at our county fair.  They are also working on some review so that I can verify their progression.

Caty though has started her first food history study.  I recorded some episodes of American Eats.  We are learning about the history of cookies this week.  She created her own cookie recipe, studied the history of the cookie, what materials are important to cookies and did some cookie baking experiments.

We had a few schedule changes, so we only really did two full school days this week.  I intended on three.  But we'll catch back up easily next week.

I really did find it hard to stay motivated and keep them going.  I have been in pain for several months now.  I went to the chiropractor finally and she discovered what appears to be a bulging disc putting pressure on a nerve.  So I am going through treatment, but the last treatment didn't seem to help much.  I worked on adding back in walking on the treadmill since I haven't been able to run since my injury.  I was in a lot of pain on those days.  I need to keep moving though.  Even if I am hurting.

Caty  worked hard on her Cookie project.  She practiced measuring and learning how important measuring is in baking.  She also invented the bacon chocolate chip cookie.

 All the kids participated in the 4H bake off this year.  Lydia got 2nd place for her pumpkin doughnuts

Joey got 1st place for his peanut butter-less cookies.

Joey found his name on the Wall of Fame.  He placed first in the county for his Exploring Ponds project.

Here they are walking their baked goods around the arena during the baked goods auction.

Joey got to go to State for judging.  Joe took him down while I took the girls to their cheerleading competition.  Brayden was excited that he got Rock-It's autograph this year!

The girls and I met Joe and the boys at the State Fair.  Caty earned a 1st place award with one of her Girl Scout projects in Life Skills.

Caty was very proud accepting her award.

They got to sit in a Columbus Police cruiser.

Caty with her bacon on a stick.

Enjoying the model trains.

I was joking that his milkshake was as big as his head.  He took me literally.

Then we came home and some gracious and generous friends began replacing our back deck.  The whole deck was rotting on top.  That took a few days and it was a lot of hard and hot work.  They did an awesome job!

This whole time we have finished 4H Fair, then we finished up State Fair projects, and then it was on to our own County's Open class projects.  Yep...that's right...I was sucker enough to let them enter 3 different fairs this year.  My living room looked like this for a few days while we gathered the projects and tagged everything.

Brayden's veggies from his garden.

Caty's decorated cupcakes

Joey's decorated cookies

New to us this year...Flowers....Caty entered her marigolds that she grew from seed.  In the first show she earned honorable mention because they looked nice, but I didn't leave enough leaves on what we cut off.  The second time she earned 2nd place for both her entries.  She was very proud.

Joey earned 3rd for his cookies.  He entered some drawings also, but they didn't place.  He did a wonderful job on his OverWatch art Manga though.

Caty earned 3rd for her decorated cupcakes.

Our county fair holds a cheerleading competition and our cheer squad takes part in it annually.  This year it was SOOOOO HOT!!  We struggled to keep everyone cool and hydrated.  We were very fortunate.  Other squads not so much.  There were many cheerleaders sick.

Our team placed 1st in Spirit division.  They were so happy!!  Lydia got to go up and get the trophy this time.

Caty is loving Raddish Kids.  This month was Brazil.  We were having company over, so she decided to cook up her new recipes.  She was getting the meat ready for the marinade here.

Then she and daddy made the lemon bars together.  She needed his strength to squeeze out the lemon juice.

We had a very busy fair period.  I won't post all 54 projects....but they did wonderful.  I entered photographs, and so did the girls.  We also entered sewing this year, a pillowcase that Lydia made.  They collected quite a stack of ribbons from all the fairs.  Lydia even earned Best of Class and Best of Show for her Recycled bird feeder.  She was very proud of those rosettes!

We also walked with the cheerleaders in the fair parade and handed out candy.  The kids enjoy this every year.  They have so much fun!  The kids had two friends over and they walked with us.  I gave in and broke my fair rule of not riding rides.  They had so much fun together.

Now we are taking a fair break and going to start planning for next season.  I think a plan of action is going to help us soooo much.

I have our lessons planned and we are starting this week with a new format.  We'll see how it goes.  It will definitely keep me a lot  more busy in some aspects, but give me more peace of mind about what they are learning.  Now to just keep up and get my motivation going for starting!

Hope everyone is having a great August!  Stay tuned for Regular school programming soon!

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