Friday, October 21, 2016

Homeschool Adventures: Ohio's Only Civil War Museum

We have been studying the Civil War the last few weeks.  In the past we have visited many wonderful Civil War locations of battles and hospitals.  But while doing research to go with our lessons, I uncovered a little gem in Northwest Ohio.  We visited the American Civil War Museum of Ohio....Ohio's only Civil War Museum.

Even though Ohio was not the heart of the Civil War, there was some influence.  Many volunteers streamed from Ohio.

There were sections on slavery and pre-war issues, including state's issues.

Examples of flags of the confederacy.

Toys of the period..

Learning about the telegraph machine.

Medical equipment

There were lots of hands-on exhibits for the kids to play with.  Including a battle field table so they could have their own strategy.

The Rutherford Hayes museum had a traveling exhibit there.  Lots of presidential items to read about.

This was a great museum to visit.  We learned about some things that were not in our textbook.  We were able to see many wonderful historical items.  The volunteers there were fabulous.  They were very nice and helpful!

I'm glad we had the opportunity.  There was so much to see.  If you are ever near Tiffin, swing past here!  There's also some other great little museums in the area to see.

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