Friday, February 17, 2017

The Holocaust, Simple Machines, Reading and Basketball

It was a busy and lazy week all at the same time.  There was so much to get done.  I had a ton of office work, but I just had clarity issues all week.  It was tough to get things done and not be overwhelmed.  So I was working very hard to stay on track and stay calm.  I didn't over-schedule and I didn't over-plan, but it felt overwhelming no matter what I did.  It was all me.  So I started to plan a full diet overhaul for next week.  I'm hoping the cutting out sugar will help the path my brain and body has been heading down.  It can't hurt to try

Watching CNN10 Student news.  We do this almost every morning.  You can watch it on You Tube.

Work on their work quietly...this rarely happens.  I had to get it on film.


This week we visited Switzerland.  We watched a video on Amazon to let us visit and put our suitcases together.  Our international meal was a fried potatoes with ham dish, called Rosti.  The kids loved it and there were zero leftovers.


We started tackling simple machines.  This is such a fun, hands-on subject.  But I will admit, not a favorite of mine to teach.  I constantly mix up the different simple machine style names.  We used various videos from Youtube to explain the different machines.  I printed a couple worksheets from about various machines.  While cleaning shelves, I found our Simple Machine Levers and Pulleys Kit..  So we started going through the included books and building each machine and talked about them.

I splurged and ordered the other two kits for us to go through the next couple weeks.

We also watched these videos:


Caty started working on fractions at her grade level.  The older kids worked on simple division.  I even pulled out our Math Tri-Facta Multiplication & Division Game game to help them work on their facts.  These are Rainbow Fraction Tiles and her workbook is one I have had for a few years.  

Caty and I played this several times this week!  She loved it.  We have had this since Joey was in 1st grade, so we have the old box.  But they still make it and you can buy it from Amazon.    It's actually cheaper on Amazon than what I originally paid, since I got it from an education store.

And since a friend pointed out it was National Pizza Day, we had pizza for lunch that day.  Costco has these great Organic pizza kits.  The whole family likes the crusts and there are 4 kids for $8.00.  I keep extra on our shelves just for this reason.  We were running behind and I was able to quickly throw in pizzas for them.


It was a difficult topic week for history.  We spent the week reading and learning about the Holocaust and Concentration Camp.  I learned quite a bit myself about this historical time period.  I found this book when we visited the Holocaust Museum in DC a couple years ago.  It was very informative.

We continued to watch the Apocalypse: World War II on Netflix.  But I was having a hard time walking that line with our multi-age group.  It wasn't just age, but mentality.  Considering our religious group was one that was persecuted and sent to concentration camps, it was really tough for the kids to understand the mentality of the Nazi.  We learned about why the Nazi's attacked religions, including that they did not believe in a God because that meant that a God was above their Fuhrer.  There was to be no one above that man, he was the ultimate leader.  We watched some videos specifically about the suffering of Jehovah's Witnesses and why they were also signaled out.

We watched this video about the after effects

We also watched this movie on a person who worked to hide Jews and her struggles.  It was good.  It was called Hidden Silence and you can watch it on Amazon Prime also.

This is the book that we used to learn about the Holocaust.  It was very thorough.  I picked it up at the National Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.  I did find it on Amazon.


These are the books that were finished this week...

Joey - Under the Blood Red Sun, Great Escapes of WWII, Animorphs Book 2 - The Visitor
Brayden - Lego Batman Novelization
Lydia - Number the Stars
Caty - Enchanted Pony Academy #2 - Wings That Shine, Everybody Loves Bacon, Enchanted Pony Academy #3 - Let It Go
Me - NYPD Red #1, Number the Stars

Lydia spent a lot of time working on her spelling bee on Monday and Tuesday.  Our spelling bee was Tuesday night.  She spelled out when she spelled singular instead of plural.  She forgot the S at the end.  I was very proud of all her hard work.

The kids had a basketball game this week also.  It was a very tough team, but Caty even score this game.

Caty got fitted for her Daddy/Daughter dress.  She's going as Elena of Avalor.

We went to a new to us theater in Findlay and saw their Percy Jackson play.  Turns out it was a musical.  The kids really enjoyed it.  It was good work considering that is a long book to put into an hour performance.

I'm exhausted just looking back at our week.  I beat myself up on a regular basis thinking that I am not doing enough.  Once a week when we finish, I see how much we accomplish when I am putting together these posts.  We are making it through each day with all the hurdles that are before us.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!

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