Friday, March 24, 2017

Fantasticon, Cooking, and Girl Scout Week

At the end of last week, we had surprised the kids with tickets to Fantasticon a few weeks ago.  It's kind of like Comicon, but on a very small scale.  They had a blast planning their costumes, it seemed like no time before the day was here and we had to get their costumes going.

 Brayden was Dry Bowser...this was harder to create.  He was very proud of his costume.

Princess Zelda

Cloud Strife

The Flash

Dry Bowser

 They loved it so much.  They started making plans for next year's costumes already.  Ugh...get started now.  Apparently the more homemade, the better!  This was the kid's costume contest entries.

 That same day Goodwill in our area was hosting a special patch giveaway for Scouts who brought in donations.  We made sure to grab a bunch from our Goodwill stash (that I always forget at home), and we took some stuff in.  Caty fell in love with this chair while we were waiting at the counter.  She was disappointed when I said we couldn't bring it home.

It was Girl Scout Week.  So we had lots of activities planned.  Daily they were doing things to earn a badge to show how much they learned to help others.

They made a poster showing what they love in Girl Scouts.

They made birds nest starters to hang in the trees.

Baked cookies and visited a beloved friend.  

Learned about hidden sugars.

Planted miniature gardens.

Lydia started her science fair project.  It's hydroponic gardening.  She started 3 different 2 liters....there are mollys in each one.

This week was a week of making progress on their 4H projects, practicing math and having a relaxed approach to school.  One of our projects was to finish pillows for hospice patients.  This is a 4H Wood County project.  We finished 20 pillows over a 2 day period.  We all worked together.  We have 20 more to finish up soon.

We celebrated Pie day...

Had Art class....

And cooked a lot!!!

These were Joey's pear muffins...they were a huge hit.  I think he forgot he was eating something healthy.

Brayden made a pasta dish that everyone said tasted wonderful!  He learned how to grate parm cheese.

This relaxed school approach was difficult for them.  I'm going to give it another week to see how things go.  I was hoping to finish out the school year this way, but it may not work out for all the kids.  And yet another flexibility that homeschool provides families.....

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!  Linking up with other moms at:

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