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Home School Adventure Co. - Creative Freewriting Adventure Review

Product:  Creative Freewriting Adventure  and Creative Freewriting Adventure Coloring Book
Author:  Stacy Farrell
Vendor:  Home School Adventure Co

Creative writing can be a very difficult task for some kids, it can be difficult for adults.  But it is a skill that we need to teach children.  Not only does it allow their imaginations to flow, but it's a necessary skill for many career choices.  I may not be a writer or in a journalism roll, but I have been asked more than once to write an article for a newsletter with various organizations that I have been involved with.

Creative Freewriting Adventure was created as a way for students to offset the hard work and multiple steps of writing papers, with some fun writing.

We received the downloadable format of Creative Freewriting Adventure ($18.95).  It was easily downloaded and I was able to print off only the materials that I needed.  I really do like this option.  Not only does it make the book a bit cheaper to purchase, but it also saves unnecessary printing (so a saving of both paper and toner).

The instructions are extremely easy.  You only need a writing utensil, paper and a timer.  Our PDF version though, allowed for typing inside the book.  So this was a great plus, since Lydia struggles with handwriting.  Her hand tremor causes a lot of frustration, so being able to type her assignments is a great benefit.  I was easily able to print the sheets for her portfolio and see how she has progressed.

Each creative writing assignment provides students with a scenario to explore.  Some assignments include a story for your child to read before giving them questions to get them thinking about what they should write.  At first, Lydia just answered the questions that were given.  But as she progressed, she was able to continue to add more and more details.

Creative Freewriting Adventure draws your student into the world of Greek philosophers, and encourages them to explore possible events and their way of life.  It also is a great way for them to practice their critical thinking skills in the details they use.

Creative Freewriting Adventure Coloring Book ($18.95 PDF) takes their writing to and add a little more fun than is already there.  Creative Freewriting Adventure Coloring Book adds coloring opportunity to the freewriting.

Creative Freewriting Adventure includes ten creative writing lessons.  It is recommended that you use the program at least three times a week.  We have found that she has added to her a session she has already started a couple of those writing sessions.  What I do is leave the PDF opened on my laptop if she decides that she wants to add to it after her fifteen minutes are up.  I do print a copy of her story though, just in case my computer shuts the file.

Creative Freewriting Adventure has been a fun addition to our studies.

The questions encouraging free thought with your student are easy to understand.  They do not need to be followed.  Creative Freewriting Adventure provides a scenario and then your student can go off on their own.  No editing allowed..... it's freewriting.

You could easily use this with students who are just beginning to write through high school.  Any student who is struggling with a love of writing.  Creative Freewriting Adventure is meant to spark the love of letting the thoughts flow out on paper.

I would recommend Creative Freewriting Adventure if you have a student struggling with their writing.  It's easy to use, and requires very little extra work and planning for you.  Simply download and you are ready to go.  The price is very reasonable for saving your sanity in lesson planning.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out Creative Freewriting Adventure  from Home School Adventure Co.  They also reviewed several other products that they offer.  Be sure to click on the link below and see what other exciting products they have to offer.

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