Friday, March 10, 2017

Poster boards, Empowering Women, the 70s, 80s to Present, and Movies

We started our week off with a broken furnace.  We had a space heater in each bedroom and the living room.  Any other room was cold, including the toy room, bathroom, and kitchen.  Parts were ordered and then we waited.  Fortunately, a homeschool family we have known for a few years contacted me and her husband fixes furnaces.  He came over and diagnosed and then the part was ordered.  We had heat a few days later, and he his price was so fair.  We were very grateful to him!!

We continued work on poster boards for Living History.  Joey's was finished, but there were still 3 more to go.  And of course, my printer ran out of black ink.  So I ordered and had to wait for that also.  Major pain in the you know what.  I kept several files open on my laptop just waiting to be printed when the new cartridge arrived.

This week we had a few Scout events.  We had our annual World Thinking Day event.  Our troop research Ireland.  They made rainbow no-sew scarves.

Learning an Irish dance from a fellow troop member.

We had our Empowering Women Event at scouts.  The girls researched women they admired and thought gave strength to other women.

It's also cookie time in our we sold cookies at our first booth.

Caty got a hair cut this week.  She loves it shorter now.

For National Peanut Butter Lovers Day, we made Sunbutter cookies to have as a snack.

The kids got lap desks a week or so ago.  We had 2 and the boys said they wanted their own also.  So we headed to Hobby Lobby with our 40% coupons in hand, and got them each one.  I set them up with their clipboards, new pencils and there was even a spot for the books they are reading.


This week in History we learned about the 70s.  I LOVE the Century program that Peter Jennings done a few years ago.  Very interesting and I can expand out on what we are watching easily.  So this week we talked more about Communism, including the Vietnam War.

Then we watched these episodes from Modern Marvels about technology.


Something new this week.  We are starting a Periodic Table of Contents co-op with some dear friends.  We are using the Ellen Henry Basement Study.  Pretty interesting.  It'll be great to do science with friends.

Getting their first set of cards ready for the periodic card game ready.

 Lydia working on her notebook.  All the kids have a binder with their textbook in it, and worksheets.

Working on our experiment.  We separated the elements in H2O.....called electrolysis of water.

 You can see the bubbles separating...the hydrogen and oxygen.


Caty continued with for math.  She really likes this program.  The other kids continued basic division practice.  I had them work on facts and also long division with no remainders.  We need to continue practicing the steps.

Language Arts

This week they worked on fact/opinion.  This seemed a bit of an issue for Brayden.  The others it seemed to click with quicker.  But He had it down after a few days of practice.


Joey - Animorphs Book series continues
Brayden - Geronimo Stilton The Race Against Time - Third Journey Through Time
Lydia - She is reading Fifth Wave.  This may take her a couple weeks.
Caty - She read a whole stack of smaller titles she found at the library.

It was another busy week.  Lydia had her volunteer shift at the stable.  She loves working there.  Plus she also started a computer programming class on how to create an app.  She loved the first class.  Since we are between cheerleading and tennis, she was able to take one of the classes from a local computer school.  It was set up by a homeschool family.  They are great.

With our history book finished for the year, we are starting full force with 4H projects next week.  Our kids also do more than one a piece.  So it's a lot of work to coordinate between all of them, since they all need help in some form.  But even though it makes life even busier, I enjoy 4H season a lot!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!

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