Sunday, May 28, 2017

All American Youth Show

Lydia has been working very hard for many weeks preparing for the All American Youth Show in Columbus Ohio.  We had a bit of craziness getting there, but we made it.  I didn't get a ton of pictures like I normally do.  But I wanted to share a few.

Ms Lydia did wonderful!  She's so excited and hopes to get to go again next year.

This is my favorite picture....she was in her new showmanship outfit.  Hair and makeup all ready.

She placed 5th (which was basically middle of the pack) in Showmanship.

Getting into her chaps.

Ready for Western Equitation

She placed 2nd in Equitation.  Since it's and EWD category, her coach signed her up for having assistance in the arena.  This was her first time in this show.  If she would not have an assistant in the arena, she would have placed 1st.  It was crazy how they combined the categories.  Lydia said she's taking 1st next year!

Showing off her beautiful ribbons.

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