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ArtAchieve - Entire Level II Online Art Program Review

I will admit that the longer I have homeschooled, the more help I have sought out in certain educational categories.  Art has been one of them.  We have a chance to review the Entire Level II program from ArtAchieve recently.  WOW!!!

ArtAchieve approaches art with online step-by-step instructions that even those of us with limited art skills can do.  They believe that drawing is something that everyone can do, even if you do not think you can.  (Guilty here!)

ArtAchieve encourages not just art, but also works on including cross-curricular activities.  So they also encourage looking into science and even geography.  Such as the project on Dragonfly from Ecuador.

Lessons are broken down for easy use.

You have your option at two types of instruction.  There is a PowerPoint version of the lesson as well as a video you can watch.  You can choose to use one or both methods of instruction.  There is also a printout of what you will be drawing that you can print to use as a guide through your project.

Your child is introduced to the piece of art they will be re-creating.  You can do this through a video or Slide presentation.  You spend a few slides learning about dragonflies and their habitat.  What they look like and what they eat.  The steps are given on the project you are to re-create.  Most projects do not require any fancy art supplies, and most you already have at home.

Elements of the art are shown to the students.  They are encouraged to start out with warm-ups, and they encourage you to play relaxing music as you draw.

ArtAchieve definitely believes that drawing can be intertwined with other subjects as your students learn.

I have found that we use the slideshow better than the video on some projects.  That may be attributed to the fact that the kiddos take a few seconds to process what they hear.  By the time they have processed it, the video has moved on to another step.  So there's lots of pausing.  With the slide presentation, we slowly go through at the pace they need without constant pausing.  Which for some reason is frustrating to them.

The videos are embedded into the ArtAchieve website.  So you do not need about your child being redirected to a website that may show them questionable ads.  I really like this feature.

Videos are roughly 30 minutes in length depending on your project choice.  So projects on the Level II section are not that time-consuming, which is great for ADHD/ADD kiddos.  But you can easily pause videos as they are painting their projects (since that is time-lapsed in the video).

Either method that you choose for instruction (or both), you and your child are shown how to draw using a guide to help encourage them.

Since I don't feel that confident in my drawing skills, and neither does Caty, this is a nice feature of ArtAchieve.

Each project can easily be finished in about an hour.  So art is done for you weekly by the ArtAchieve.

We had the opportunity to review the entire Level II course, which is meant for ages 7 and up.  The projects were simple enough and we have learned a lot.  ArtAchieve is a very affordable program for families, considering how much many of them can be online.  You can buy lessons individually for around $5.00 - $6.00, depending on the lesson.  Or you can purchase the Entire Level 2 for one year for $56.78.  That's 15 full art lessons.  You only need to provide a few supplies at home.

Level II full course includes projects such as dragonflies, butterflies, nutcrackers, elephants and even Ukrainian Cats.  You and your students will transport around the world!!  What a great addition to your home geography also....and take care of another subject for you.

We have enjoyed using ArtAchieve Level II full course.  The projects are broken down into such manageable steps for even those students who struggle greatly with drawing.  It can definitely build their confidence up and encourage them to reach their full drawing potential.

If you're not sure if ArtAchieve will work out for your family, check out their website for some free sample lessons.  They can give you a chance to see how the program works and find out if it's a fit for you.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out various levels of ArtAchieve with their families.  Take some time to click on the link below and see how the program worked in their homes.

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