Friday, April 28, 2017

New Science, New History, New Chicks...Spring has Sprung

Wow...what a week.  We enjoyed beautiful weather most of the week.  A little bit of rain, but we lived with it.

We are finishing up our end of the study of the Periodic Table of Elements with Ellen McHenry's Basement study.  This was such a detailed program, and it is really wonderful.  Very much over the kids understanding of science.  But if you have a kiddo that LOVES and wants to learn the Periodic Table in depth, this is definitely the program you want to use with them.  Very easy to use and lots of experiment ideas.  I only had to order one chemical, so pretty easy supplies to have on hand.

This week we finished up by doing experiments.  We did a variety, including trying to check the iron in cereal.

Using vinegar to clean the pennies.

Making a battery with vinegar, coins, and paper towel.

Melted aluminum foil.... this was very cool to watch and also very stinky!

This was for fun... mentos and diet coke.

Brayden has his 4H demonstration this week.  He chose to talk about the casserole section of his Race Around the Clocks meal project.  We have added two of the recipes he has made to our meal rotation.  One of them is a shredded potato casserole.  He handed out a chart on how to make an easy casserole in just a few minutes with items you have in your cupboards/fridge.  Considering his speech issues, he did really well.

Our chicks hatched.  We had 3 officially hatch.  Two survived.  We worked hard to save the 3rd, but he didn't make it.  It was amazing to watch this process.  It was even harder to not open the incubator.  The girls and I watched this for hours and hours.  Their cousin came over and spent the night and watched too.  It was a chick hatching

More 4H projects.... Brayden wanted to have a BBQ with some friends.  So we took advantage of that.  Caty made butterscotch bars from her book.

Joey made two types of pumpkin bread for people to test.

Spring sports are starting up.  Both the girls are doing soccer.  And all the kids are doing tennis.  The girls were so excited to be back playing soccer.

Lydia is working on her bracelets for her Silver Award project.  It's a slow going process.

One of our chicks fresh out of the incubator.

Playing soccer with her friend.  Another friend and I were walking at the fairgrounds and the kids were all playing in the gorgeous weather.

Practicing their sign language presentation for class.  No walls

Lydia was invited to attend a Girl Scout Awards banquet.  Last year she finished her Bronze Award as a Junior Scout.  That night she earned a neat patch and was able to meet the CEO of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio.

She and Bradie doing their presentation.  They even coordinated their outfits.

Through all of this craziness, the kids worked on math review for the end of the year.  Joey continued his Specialized Life math program.  The kids all spent two weeks reading Charlotte's Web for their assigned reading.  They all really liked the book.  But since it was "longer", I split it up over a 10 day period to make it not feel overwhelming since they have comprehension questions to answer.

Life isn't slowing down!!

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