Friday, May 19, 2017

Cedar Point Opens!!! Science Fair ... oh and we are Unschooling this week.....

It's been three years since we have been to Cedar Point.  It's a local Amusement Park near us that is known worldwide for their coasters.  We decided instead of doing a big family vacation this year, we would get season passes.  The kids (and Joe) were very excited for our first trip.  We are trying to go as much as we can this month before schools let out.  We have a lot of trips planned, weather permitting.  Our first trip was the day after opening day.  I seriously thought it would be packed and planned on only staying for a few hours.  But we ended up staying all day.  The park was basically empty.

Lydia's on this ride.

Everyone but Brayden on the Valraven

We ended up staying all day.  We all were exhausted.  Brayden fell asleep for a bit in the van on the way home.  Caty was asleep.

The next day we all had Cedar Point hangovers.  But Joe had to leave for Nashville to run to his office.  So the kids and I tackled some outside work this week and "unschooled".  Some good old-fashioned life-skills.

We started scraping the shed because it needs repainted.

Lydia and I finished covering the roof to the coop area.  There are a lot of stray cats in our neighborhood.  So we are making sure they stay out.  Just one more area to tackle here, and that's their nest area.  Bring that on next week.

Brayden and I got his tomatoes in the ground.  Slow but sure the garden is coming along.

It's been a year since we got the dogs.  Look at the difference in their sizes!!!

During all this though, we had to finalize their Science Fair projects this week.  We have been slowly working on them.  But had to get their poster boards ready for display.  This was not an easy task.  It was actually a massive pain.  But we survived getting all the projects done.

Caty finished the one on our chickens.
 Brayden did his on popcorn.
 Lydia's on Hydroponic Gardening
 Joey's was on Tobacco use.
 He did a good job explaining his project to people.  This is also his 4H project.  This is what his lung from last week was for.

We survived the shed, and almost have it repainted.  The chickens are getting bigger and I'll share pictures of them next week.  I hope everyone had a wonderful week!  See you next week as I try to catch my breath and get ready for Lydia's competition this weekend!

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