Thursday, May 18, 2017

Focus on the Family - Captain Absolutely Review

My kids love graphic novels.  In fact that is the majority of what I can get Joey to read.  We recently had the chance to review a new graphic novel, Captain Absolutely published by Focus on the Family.  I have found a great new series!!

The trouble with my kids love of graphic novels is being able to find appropriate material.  Even though our oldest is almost 17, he is not mentally at that age level.  Many comic book/graphic novels carry very mature content in my opinion.  A visit to a comic store a few months ago meant I spent most of the time thumbing through each of his selections.   So he was pretty excited to get a chance to read a comic book to review.... no arguing from mom!

The reason there was no arguing from mom ... is the content.  Captain Absolutely is part of the Adventures in Odyssey series.  The Adventures in Odyssey series has been produced for several years now.  It's a cartoon that features godly character traits modeled for your child to follow in a neat little storyline.  We have watched this series since he started to outgrow the Veggie Tales.  So I knew I would not need to read the graphic novel before letting Joey have it.

Captain Absolutely is about  a man who takes cover in a library in a room full of Bibles.  (You may recognize him if you read Clubhouse magazine from Adventures in Odyssey.)  He has never read God's Word up to this point and the radioactive fumes covert him into a superhero, Captain Absolutely.  His job is now to stand up to evil villains using God's Word as his weapon.

Throughout the story, Captain Absolutely must solve various crimes being committed throughout the city of Metropolitanville.  He's always successful by relying on God and his Word.

Joey read these stories a few times during this review period.  He said that he really liked the main character and the stories kept him reading.  I would recommend this for Grade 2 and up.  If your high schooler enjoys graphic novels, they may even enjoy it.

The cost of Captain Absolutely is only $9.99.  The book is a high-quality soft cover, and it managed to hold up being shoved in and out of his laptop bag on one of our recent trips.

I like the illustrations.  Joey spent a lot of time just flipping through and staring at the the pictures.  But the thing that I LOVED the most was that I do not need to worry about inappropriate content in the story!!  I loved being able to hand him the Captain Absolutely graphic novel and not need to take the time to pre-read it.  (I'm not a fan of them, so do not enjoy previewing them all.)  It was a definite bonus that Captain Absolutely enforced with God's Word.  What an encouragement for kids to know that superheroes look to God also!  They are not alone.

We hope there are more adventures coming our way soon!  The value is excellent....but Lydia is hoping that there is a female superhero coming also.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to read Captain Absolutely.  Take a few moments to see how they enjoy this in their homes with their families.  Click on the box below.

Captain Absolutely {Focus On The Family Review}
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