Friday, May 12, 2017

National Train Week, Dry Ice and Building a Rabbit Hutch

This week in school the kids continued their math practice for the year.  Reworking a lot of their math practice the last couple weeks.  They also started their Fantastic Mr. Fox book.  They did finish it this week and we watched the movie together on Friday night.  It was very cute.  The kids kept pointing out how much the movie and book were different.

We had normal soccer practice.  Lydia started her horse health veterinary class.  She also volunteered extra at the stable that day to help at the riding class.  So she spent a lot of time there.  She was excited to learn how to give the horses worm medicine.

We let the chicks go outside for the first time.  I had no place but the current rabbit area to turn them loose.  The rabbits were not too thrilled.

The rabbit hutch arrived and the girls and I tackled putting together.  But the girls took the lead and I just guided them.  They were excited to use the good screwdriver.

We had tennis practice.  It was a lot of fun.

Joey is finishing up his tobacco 4H project.  There was an experiment to compare lungs being affected by tobacco and vaping.  He actually turned this into his science project.

Two balloons together.  Nicotine makes the lungs less expandable.

Struggling to make the "lung" expand.

Lydia worked more on her science fair project.  After a few weeks, it has been determined that you can do your own hydroponic garden.  But you must have a proper filtration system.  Without it, you will lose your fish and your crop.

For Science Club this week... we played with dry ice.  Holy cow...this was fun.  The other moms in the group planned this.  The kids had a blast.

Dropped dry ice in their grape juice to see what happened.  The juice was warm.

We dropped dry ice in bubble mixture.  The result was a bubble snake.

They put dry ice in punching balloons.  These things got HUGE!!!  One popped on our way home in the truck.  Scared me to death!

They check the freezing of veggies.  It was cool to see how quickly they froze.

They also made dry ice- ice cream.

 It was thumbs up!!

Then we rushed off to 4H where we had a really fun project/activity on Laundry.

Saturday was National Train Day!!  Brayden's train club was set up in various locations.  We helped set-up some the day before.  And we headed down for a few hours.

He was excited to meet some first responders.

We worked more on the coop area.  The chicks seem to like it so far.  Lots more work to do though.

I didn't get any pictures of Brayden helping me clean out our garden also.  We spent a lot of time on Saturday doing clean up activities like this, along with the coop.  There's still a lot more to go.  But with Joe's help we got potatoes in the ground.  I missed when we should have planted them.  So hoping we have a good crop this year.  Next week, Joe and Lydia are going to build the bin for us.  She is working on finishing her woodworking badge, and needs to use the saw to cut some wood.  So it's a perfect easy project for her to try out and see if she likes it.

I honestly didn't get a lot of pictures this week.  It seems like I did though.  The week flew by so quickly.  Spring has definitely brought us a series of packed full of activity weeks that keep me busier than I ever imagined.  I know that life isn't going to slow down, I just need to adapt to this new chapter in our lives and see what is brought to us.

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