Friday, June 23, 2017

Cedar Point, American Girl, Swimming, Bowling, Running…Oh MY!!

I was so overwhelmed from last week.  I mean I literally felt like I was drowning in a small kiddie pool.  I have no idea how I am going to survive this whole summer right now.  I guess I will be taking it a week at a time for right now.

Joey seems to really be enjoying where he is at with CORE in Napoleon.  He is having some anxiety issues that we need to continually address.  Which I knew would occur, and was prepared to tackle.  It’s a whole new learning process for him.  But it’s so important for him to learn how to report to managers and work well with all people.  He was already doing a great job learning these skills, but now he really gets to practice.  He is also able to truly learn the importance of responsibility. 

On Saturday night family came and spent the night and on Sunday we headed to Cedar Point to spend the day together.  It was SOOOOO hot.  Poor Joey didn’t do well in the heat, even though I was working hard at keeping everyone hydrated.  All in all it was a good trip though, and they rode lots of coasters and rides.  Caty even grew a tail…..

After the feeling of utter drowning last week, I didn’t get lessons planned.  I was so busy all weekend.  I decided that we will be doing some movie learning and working on 4H projects.

On Monday, we spent the morning with Cedar Point hangovers from the heat.  But we had busy afternoons.  We had our American Girl Book Club Open House.  There the kids made glitter slime, Teddy bears for their dolls and even rock candy for their dolls.  It was meant to be a fun meeting to introduce our club to anyone new that wanted to join us.  All the kids had a blast and we are looking forward to starting up with Julie next month! 

The meeting was the same time as Joey and Brayden’s shift at the library.  So I kept checking on them during the meeting.  They did really well.  Brayden is enjoying the two hours he gets to interact with all kinds of people.  I can’t wait for him to start summer youth next year.  He is going to do great!

After library, we were supposed to have soccer.  But the heat was so intense, they cancelled the rest of the season.  So the girls and I killed time with some friends while we were waiting for swim practice. 

 The girls will be participating in the Special Olympics Triathlon on July 1st.  Lydia will be doing the full triathlon, and Caty will only be doing the swim portion.  So Lydia and I have started training for her walk/run portion early mornings.  The heat here went from just fine to almost unbearable.  So we have to do early mornings to survive.  These are some pictures from one of the mornings.

On Tuesday, Joey had work.  So we dropped him off and I ran home to get cracking on some projects with the other 3.  I want all their project books done in the next two weeks, along with posters/displays.  It’s important so that we can practice interviews this year.  I don’t think the girls will be having any trouble, but the boys will.  Lydia may have some issues, so I want to address those.  Lydia worked on fusing designs on shirts.  She made her own design and a shirt for her friend too. 

She made this for one of her best friends.

While Lydia was doing this, I made Brayden get off his video games and put together a LEGO set I found for him.  Working on following step-by-step instructions.  He did it completely on his own.

He and I almost finished one of his 4H projects.  We got the poster made for it.  But still working on remembering all the information.

We got Lydia’s shirt done and it was time for her to head to the library for her Volunteen shift then.  So Joe took her to the library, and I stayed home with Brayden and Caty.  Brayden and I were able to get a huge chunk of his employment project done, and worked on getting his project put together in its binder.  Caty and I worked on finding pictures of her cooking projects.  Then it was time to pick up Joey from work and head to the first annual Bowling Lock-in sponsored by our Special Olympics/CORE/HARC organizations. 

The kids had so much fun at this event.  They can’t wait for next year.

We were all exhausted on Wednesday am.  I tallied up that I bowled at least 6-7 games at the event.  I was sore, and all the kids were sore too.  But everyone had to up and going for the day.  Joey had work.  Caty started her first golf lessons and Lydia had volunteered to help at the preschool camp at the stable.  So off we all went.  I’m glad my friend had kids in the preschool camp.  She was able to take Lydia for me while I took Caty to golf and dropped off Joey.

Caty absolutely loved golf and can’t wait to go back.  We also had cheerleading practice on Wednesday.

Thursday was a crazy day of Caty having STEM camp at the local university, and Lydia has horse camp for two days (Thursday and Friday).

We are finalizing 4H projects.  At least some of the kids are.  I'm fighting with Lydia right now.  Caty finished up her art  program and has almost finished her Miniature Garden project.

Joey was working hard on his Easy as Pie project.  The house smelled great!!

Brayden had ordered a game from Ebay and it came in.  He said I needed to drive him to the post office.  I laughed and said he could walk to the post office and get his game.  I'm such an evil

Friday we cancelled our science field trip to go leaf hunting.  It was soooo hot! Plus Lydia and one of her friends from Science Club decided to attend horse camp.  It just made sense.  But we did still have 4H and Bocce ball.  Joey even enjoyed bocce ball this week!

Joey brought a couple of his pies to share at the bocce ball picnic.  Joe said the peach was excellent.

We spent the evening prepping for the Farmers Market on Saturday morning. 

Joey made a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie for Grandpa when I got home.  He's trying hard on this project but has needed lots of hands-on help with it.

We spent the evening with friends while the kids were swimming and having a blast.

It’s truly amazing how quickly life changes.  One month you are sitting on the couch enjoying quiet and feeling bored.  In no time at all, that all changes.  Three years ago we had started traveling around the United States with Joe.  We were all over exploring.  There’s no way that lifestyle would fit in with what paths we need to follow currently to help the kids in their growth toward independence.  Seasons of life change just like the seasons of the year.  I hope we can get back to traveling soon….I can’t wait for that day.  I do miss those times together.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!  See everyone next week!!

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  1. WOW! That was all in one week!? You all are super busy. So much great stuff.
    Blessings, Dawn