Friday, June 9, 2017

Flowers, Cooking, Sleepovers and Extra Friends Time

 So it was Memorial Day week.  The only difference, we had to do schoolwork Sunday and Monday, since they were getting the rest of the week off for fun days and work.  The girls and I worked on a mermaid painting.

Some used acryllics and Lydia used oil pastels.  I gave them the choice.

Brayden worked on equivalent fractions.  It seemed to click easily... Yeah!!

Joey finished up his first level of his budgeting/life skills math.  I recommend this to be done with a student, not independently.  You can really include a lot of extra life lessons you have learned through the years.  This week he bought a car and insurance.  His apartment is finished being furnished and he finished with a big savings ... so a job well done!

Lydia is working on a Party Planner project.  She had an impromptu sleepover and in comes her first recipe... pancakes with fresh fruit.

Her friend decided to cook her own pancakes in shapes.  It was cute.

That same day Caty and I ran to the local greenhouse where we purchase flowers and grabbed her garden project supplies.  She had tried to grow zinnias from seed and we are not sure if the weather got them or if she overwatered them.  My guess is a little of both.  She was not really listening to me about that.

She also re-painted the squirrel statue on the steps.  We have had that for a few years, and it was really faded.  She fixed so it was "Pretty" again.

She made another recipe from her book... an Orange Almond Salad.  She made the dressing from scratch.

Joe said it was really good.  The dressing thickens up a lot, so the leftovers I put in the fridge we had to doctor a little bit to reuse it.

Watch out for those weird, unsocialized kids!!  Two car loads headed to Cedar Point!  There was another sleepover and Joe and I took 8 kiddos to Cedar Point for lots of fun and adventures.

Friends Day ๐Ÿ˜€

I had so much fun watching them interact and play with each other the whole day.

Brayden is working on a Model Railroading project for 4H.  With some help doing research, he decided to repaint some train cars that we bought really cheap at a train show.

These are the finished product with both of us working on the project together.

We tried to spray sealer on them also.  The white car gave us trouble.  But we are still in the learning stages.  He presented what he done at his Model Train Club meeting.  We told them what steps we took and what experiments worked and what didn't.  He got a lot of compliments out of the designs.

We also had our Annual teacher assessments.  A dear friend of mine does our assessments and several of my friend's on the same day so that we can get our school system paperwork done early.  We make a little day of it with a picnic and all the kids play together.  It's a nice little relaxing time and we celebrate the end of the previous year and the start of the next.

Ever since our Girl Scout Day Camp, Caty has been begging to  make more slime.  So I bought some glitter glue for her to try.  She fell in Love with it.  She made purple glitter slime.  She wants to make more.  A friend introduced me to this new channel on Youtube ... Peachybbies .. Check it out.  It is clean fun for your kids, and I mean more than just fun, clean slime.  It's a clean, safe channel for them to watch.

Now our week is still going along and we had Science Club.  This week we officially started Botany.  We are using Memoria Press Trees and also Ellen Henry Basement studies: Botany.  We're going to supplement by having them do a leaf collection during this time also.

Our first experiment, we tried placing seeds into 6 different substances including vinegar, sugar water, water, Smart Water, Oil and orange juice to see which the seeds would germinate in.

After 5 days, we had only 1 sprout.... and strangely enough it was in the vinegar.

The water had done nothing as of then, so we are going to continue to watch most of them.  We had to throw away the orange juice since it did nothing but mold.

This week we learned about the importance of roots and the different types.  So we dissected carrots and radishes and matched them up to the root structure we had just labeled.

We labeled the parts of a storage root plant.

We also looked at different roots I had pulled in our yard.  The right is the fibrous and the left is a non-storage taproot.

Then each of them made a poster showing the 3 roots they learned about to hang up during our study.

Finally we went on a walk and collected a couple leaves to get started.  We were also trying to check out the milkweed growing in the ditch and see if we could find any caterpillars.

This week we also had a Homeschool Art Show.  It was the first year doing this.  All the kids displayed some sort of their projects from this year.  Since Caty is doing a 4H Art project I had her pose with some of her work for her project book.

Then we were off to a local fairy/miniature garden festival at a greenhouse near the library.  There was a fairy parade.

They had face painting.

The girls explored the gardens that were created.  This is another one of their 4H projects.  So they wanted some extra ideas.  We were able to get a couple little additions to their gardens beyond what they are making.  So they were excited.

We had a very good week.  It was very busy, and it's only going to get busier this next month.  We will have lots of activities as we roll into June.  See you next week to see how the kids enjoy their new camps and new volunteer summer jobs.

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