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UnLock Math - UnLock Pre-Algebra Review

Upper level math can be a difficult subject to teach, especially if you are not a math fan yourself.  So I was super excited to get the opportunity to review the UnLock Math online math program, UnLock Pre-Algebra.
UnLock Math pre-algebra

UnLock Math brings the math teacher into your home.  Your student can work through their math in about 30 minutes each day.  We have been using the UnLock Pre-Algebra level with Lydia now for a few weeks.  I have seen her blossoming in her math skills, where before she was struggling.  

UnLock Pre-Algebra is a straight-forward program.  There's not any cutesy cartoon characters to distract from what really needs to be taught.  I really like this aspect of Unlock math.  There are no distractions.  We have used other online programs and this was a real issue.  It is a full math curriculum or you can use it as a supplement.  We are using it as full curriculum.  

UnLock Pre-Algebra covers Integers, Decimals, Coordinates, Polynomials, 2D/3D Geometry, Equations, Rational Numbers, Percentages, Analyzing Data, and Probability and Statistics.  

Each day either myself or my husband sits down with Lydia (mainly to keep her on track), and we start math.  Login is very easy with a student code and password.  You can print off the lesson notes, which we do for reference as each new lesson has review from what the student has previously been learning.

The interface is simple to use.  This was from one of Lydia's a previous lessons.... each lesson, she starts with the Warm Up exercises (which are review) and then watches her video.  I make sure she has scrap paper available for her to figure problems as she starts on the Practice problems of what she has learned.

The Stay Sharp and Challenge Yourself sections are just what they mean, they can really challenge critical thinking skills.  I like that she gets instant feedback when she submits her assignment and she also can see what problems she has missed.

Each video lesson has been between 7 - 10 minutes long, and very clear in explanation and examples.  Unlock Pre-Algebra works out great for visual learners.  

UnLock Pre-Algebra also provides a grade area, so I can track this for her assessment if I would like to.

It also gives me an idea if she is working independently that day, if she is grasping the material and actually ready to move on to the next lesson or if we should re-watch the video together.  So far Lydia has not had any issues with needing much review.  Each lesson has review from previous lessons, so she is getting review with new lesson.  This is another great aspect of UnLock Pre-Algebra, lots of review built right in.

Before starting UnLock Algebra, I was afraid she was behind in math. Lydia has ADHD and also has struggled to overcome some other learning disabilities, one that mimics dyslexia.  She has worked hard and struggles to keep herself organized.  As she moves into Middle School, a struggle with math is one of the things that made me most nervous.  

But after using UnLock Pre-Algebra things have starting clicking together and she is progressing very well.  So to see her smile at "getting it", has been wonderful!! This program has been an excellent addition to her homeschool curriculum.  She doesn't argue about math, because after just a few weeks her confidence has grown.  I am thankful that we have gotten the opportunity to review it.  We plan on sticking with Unlock Math for her and continue to the next level when she has completed UnLock Pre-Algebra.

UnLock Math has several levels, UnLock Pre-Algebra being the first.  They also offer UnLock Algebra 1, UnLock Algebra 2, and UnLock Geometry (Their newest program.)  You no longer need to be afraid to teach math!  The challenge of upper level math has been taken on by Unlock Math and made it easier for us as homeschool parents.

If you are still not sure, UnLock Math does offer a sample lesson that you can preview.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review the various levels of UnLock Math.  Be sure to click the link below to see how they used this program in their homes.

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