Friday, June 2, 2017

Weddings, Pippi, Lost Chickens, and Rain Gardens

It's been a long week.  I am soooo tired.  We have been on the go constantly.  I'm so looking forward to Memorial Day weekend.  We have 2 1/2 days where we can literally do nothing!  I'm soooo excited!!

This week started out with us at a cousin's wedding in Indiana.  It was a girls trip.  My mom, sister-in-law, niece, Caty, Lydia and I went out to share in this special event.  It was beautiful and so wonderful to see all the family who are spread out all over the world!  It reminded me again of how much I need to crawl out of the bubble I keep myself in at times when dealing with all the "special needs" issues that we do.  I really miss this family !

The reception was fun and the girls and I danced until we almost collapsed.

They swam before the wedding and we woke up Monday am and they went swimming again before we left.

Doing a Musicaly in the pool.

We grabbed breakfast and headed back to Ohio and got home in time to make soccer practice.  We had to get home anyway because everyone had to turn their volunteer application in at the library.

We were sitting on the couch and heard the air ambulance helicopter.  The local fire department was holding a training session, and they landed in our town.

This week the kids are reading Pippi Longstocking.  Caty was vegging out on the couch and reading while I got ready to take Lydia to her horse health class.  Can't wait to watch the movie this weekend with them.

She has a competition this weekend at the stable.  So she was practicing after her horse health class.  She was so excited to get the chance to give shots to the horses.  I'm so grateful for the stable we ride at.  They are great.  She is learning so much and I think the love of horses is not going anywhere.  She's getting valuable experience volunteering there.

While she practiced, I volunteered to repaint some of the poles for the competition this weekend.  Our 4H club did it when they came out last weekend.  But a surprise downpour of rain ruined all their hard work.  It washed all the paint off.  So I was happy to fix it.  Gave me something to do, the other option was to take a

The boys both started a new Science level this week.  Joey is doing High School Earth Science and Brayden is doing High School Biology.  We'll see how this goes.  So far, it's been successful this week.

All the kids, and myself, got signed up for the Summer Reading Program at our library.  They did their training program so that they are able to work 2 hours a week in the library this summer.

The dog got comfy the other day on Joey... lol.

We took a couple of mornings to walk the dogs.  Brayden won't just walk, so I guess I'll take whatever I can get from him.

I came out to a massacre of our chickens by what we think was a raccoon.  Obviously something that we have to learn to deal with, no matter how much I loved them.  So we got another batch of replacement chicks.  These are Isa Browns, next week our blue egg chicks will be in.

Joey is continuing his Living Mathematics course.  This has been pretty good.  I have to add a few more life talks to each lesson, so I'm glad he is not doing this independently.  So far he's learned about signing leases and taxes out of paychecks.

She LOVED the book.  I couldn't get her to stop reading.  It's called You Throw Like a Girl by Rachele Alpine.  The dogs were joining in on her reading.

Joey is adding new furniture to his mock apartment.  Each lesson he can decide if he can afford to add furniture to his apartment.  He was very frugal and we had a discussion about what to buy new and what to buy used, which makes a big difference in your budget.

Caty working on her Test Prep book.  Instead of standardized testing, which is stressful for her, I get her the Test Prep books and then I can gauge where she needs help.  Our state gives us the option for her work to be check by a licensed teacher or do standardized testing.  So we opt for the assessment and then I just keep an eye on each of the kids.

This week Caty and I took a step back for Summer math.  She has been struggling a bit in a few areas.  So I got the first Life of Fred book (Apples) and found this great book at a local homeschool book sale, Math Lessons for a Living Education Book 3.  This week we reviewed telling time.  Caty is loving Fred.  More on how we continue with this and how it's working in a few weeks 😀

So don't call the Handwriting Police, but she is not sitting at a table with proper posture while practicing her cursive.  She has gotten into sitting on this ball to do her work. So I bought an extra for both girls to bounce on while they are reading and working on things.

What do you do when your local store has french bread on clearance for 50 cents a make french bread pizzas.  I sliced the loaves in half, set the toppings on the counter and walked away.  The kids loved this!

This week's assigned reading was Pippi Longstocking.  Joey didn't love this book.  Caty and Lydia of course loved it.  Brayden didn't enjoy the reading, but he liked the movie.  He tried to tell me he didn't, but his giggles throughout our viewing proved him wrong.

A homeschool friend set up a field trip to a local park, it was on rain gardens.  Since we are starting Botany it was a perfect fit for our little Science Club.

They did some great activities learning the importance of rain gardens and why they are needed to help our environment.

Then they did a plant identification scavenger hunt.

And then were able to make their own mini rain garden so they could actually see the layers of them.

The lily pad's were so pretty

Another project this week was starting Lydia's quilting project.  We got the fabric measured and ironed.... yep... that's it.  I need YouTube to help her now... 😂😂

We had fun end to our week with a backyard BBQ with friends.

This summer is going to be crazy.  Fun new things in store for Krazy Kuehner Days!!!  Keep coming back on Fridays to see what's going on!!

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  1. What a packed week!! What living math course are you using?
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