Friday, July 7, 2017

Flea Market, Farm Camp, Triathlon and Schooling Anywhere We Could

We spent our weekend at a local Pickers Market selling the kid's gourmet cereal treats.  I pushed and pushed.  I tried and tried... they are a work in progress on sales.  But we didn't end the weekend in the hole.  So that was a positive!!

Sunday morning was rather chilly... yes that is Caty hiding under the blanket.

My goal this week was to finish ALL their 4H projects.  So there were little cooking and sewing projects going all week.  Unfortunately I didn't meet my goal. But we tried really hard.  It was finding the balance between finishing them rushed or finishing them well.

Lydia made a bean salsa to go with taco night.  She loved it and Joe said it was great.

At the Flea market the girls spotted these desks and loved them.  So we talked about whether they needed them, and they said they wanted them.  The guy sold them both to me for $8.00.  We already had chairs.  The girls were excited.

So they are set up and ready to go.  When we did use them, the girls liked them a lot.

But this week we spent a lot of time in the coffee shop.  Caty had Farm camp in Bowling Green this week.  It was every morning.  So Lydia and I would drop her off and work on our schoolwork in the coffee shop.  It was better than driving two hours a day back and forth for drop-off and pickup.  Plus Lydia loved getting special coffee everyday.

This was a familiar sight more than once this week.  Me finishing my lunch while waiting for Caty at the farm.

No matter the extra stress on me, Caty had so much fun and can't wait for next year.  They spit watermelon seeds, tended the animals, weeded the garden and cared for it, sawed wood, cooked on an open fire, and so many fun things.  They took pictures and emailed them to the parents each night.  I LOVED this camp as much as Caty.

Making a kite at camp...they even flew them.

With all of the driving for camp and other activities, even Caty was doing schoolwork after camp in the coffee shop.  On Monday the girls started choir.  So we hung out even longer in BG waiting for choir to start.

When they were done with schoolwork, they hung out at the park waiting.

Caty wanted to do choir and then got scared and tried to change her mind.  I reminded her that once you make a commitment, you need to try it.  She fell in love with choir.  She spent the entire evening singing the songs.

That night the girls had their last swim practice for the triathlon.  They didn't get to finish because a lightening storm came through.

Joe came and dropped off Brayden to me and picked up the girls.  Brayden had game night, one of the activities for Special needs adults in Henry County.  He had a blast learning how to play some new board games.  It was fun watching him interact.  I also got to watch him while someone started to speak of an inappropriate subject, and he didn't get involved in the conversation.  Of course, it was halted quite quickly, but I was proud of him ignoring what was being talked about.

Another morning trying a new coffee and Italian lemon cake...she loved it.

This week we started concentrating on writing for Lydia.  This is a struggle getting her thoughts from brain to paper (or screen).  I got this at the local curriculum sale, and we started it this week.  I like the set-up a lot.  So did Lydia.

 Tuesday was Lydia's library shift.  So Caty and I did her schoolwork while waiting for the library program to start.

To go with our American Girl Julie studies, Caty went to a library program called Edible Land-fill.  They learned the importance of recycling and made garbage pie.  She had fun.

This was one morning on the way home from camp.... she was exhausted every single day.

This week we started back to our American Girl History.  Our book club (which meets once a month) is starting back with the historical girls.  The girls and I listened to the audio books for American Girl Julie all week.  We listened to Books 1 - 4.  I printed a bunch of clipart and they created a timeline of the 1970s.  We talked about various political events and even marked the years that Joe and I were born on it.

Since the 70s were a time of lots of pop culture emerging... we also made a poster of what Julie's World would have been like.

American Girl won't be our full history this year.  I plan on mixing in world history as well.  They just finished American History, so this is all for fun and a bit extra on events.  I'm working on how to incorporate it when we start full curriculum back in late August.

I picked up Joey from work one day and realized... my baby is 17 years old now.  We have some mountainous hurdles to continue crossing, but I am grateful he has found a nice place to get some extra job skills as he grows.

Wednesday night we had cheerleading practice.  I wanted to skip it sooo bad.  I was exhausted.  But since they are learning a new routine for fair season, I made sure they were there.

On Thursday, Caty and I spent the day decoding a really HORRIBLY written shorts pattern.  It took us hours, but we finally figured it out with the help of Youtube.

Caty finished her Life of Fred Apples book this week.  She loves Fred and seems to be grasping things pretty well now that she has matured some.  She may be caught back up in math in the next few months.

Friday was another killer day.  Lydia was up at 5 am making Smores cups for her ASL class.  It was the last class of the session and they had to do a presentation on a snack they made to share.

This was harder for her.  But she pulled through.

That night Caty had her 4H presentation.  She brought her bunny Peter to share with the group.  It was a crazy day, and Joe accidentally took my bag out of the van that I had left in there all day (to keep track of things).  Well Caty's presentation was in there.  So she and I had to wing it.  Made things interesting... lol

On Saturday, the girls took part in their first Kids Triathlon.  It was different and quick.  It was over much faster than they thought.  Lydia can't wait for next year.  She also says she wants to train harder.

This was a horrible week.  Horrible due to constant busyness.  I felt like I was on the go constantly.  I'm grateful Joe was home to help me with getting kids shuffled everywhere.  We ended up getting most of the 4H projects finished, currently we only have a pie left and Lydia's quilt to finish.  On everything else, we are up to filling out project reviews and making sure all the questions are answered.  I also want to go through and discuss all the projects with them, kind of like a practice judging.

I am so looking forward to a less busy week next week.  There's still going to be a lot of activity, but it won't be as bad.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!

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  1. You all do so many wonderful things each week. What a lovely farm camp.
    Blessings, Dawn