Friday, July 21, 2017

Judging Time is here....and Chore Chart updates!

This was a very long week!  I knew it was going to be long before it even started.  On Sunday, I treated myself and made some low-carb ice cream with our ice cream maker.  It was yummy and lasted me a few days.

We didn't actually do any "typical" bookwork this week.  There was enough to worry about with judging and getting used to our new chores.

We were able to get in our daily Bible text with the kids each day.  We have set new spiritual goals for our family.  Not every morning is smooth, but we have been able to get into the habit of waking up earlier, reading a scripture and discussing it and then also studying a lesson on Jesus' life.  We wake up earlier so that Joe can participate with us.  We just need to keep going through rough days and keep at it.  The boys are doing well so far.  But the girls are not early risers.  So they are our most difficult challenge right now.  As we keep this up, hopefully the habit will be easier and easier for them.

On Monday, we spent all day making sure that projects were done.  I was checking off all requirements and double checking posters.  We also spent time doing practice interviews all weekend, and Joe was helping me too.  Between the 4 kids, they had 26 projects.  Whew... it was exhausting.   Monday was a flurry of cooking projects.  Each kiddo had two cooking projects, so I had to time everyone completing their project and set up stations around our kitchen for people to work and not trip over someone.  It was a challenge.

The girls went on the back patio and studied/read.  It was a rainy damp and they decided they needed a blanket to stay warm, even though the humidity level was high.

Lydia's miniature garden project.  She made the dog house and dishes by hand, painted them and glazed them.

Brayden's large container tomato plant.

Caty's Candyland mini garden.  She also handmade all the pieces, except the jewels and the fairies on the left.

I went to feed the hens and discovered one of our chickens was missing it's foot!!  WOW!!  We're not sure what happened.  But I think it may have pulled it off when it got stuck on a pallet we have in there for them to roost on.  With some help from my favorite chicken lady, she steered me what to get.  I had to finish cutting off what was hanging there.  Not something I thought I would ever do.

We kept Lucy out of the pen a few days.  She seems to be making the best of it.  She has compensated for the loss very well.  She uses her wings to balance herself and hops around.  I'm still watching her and making sure that there's no infection.

We returned her to the pen by Thursday.  I was afraid to keep her out for more than a couple days.  With her missing a leg, I thought they would see it as a sign of weakness and maybe the others bigger hens would pick on her.  She went back in the coop as if she never left.  She is getting around just fine.  No one is picking on her.  She also is easily able to get in and out of the little baby pool nesting area I have set up in one side of the coop.  I didn't think she would be able to do it.

We had a lot of storms this week.  Hours and hours of thunder and lightning and rain!!  This was one of the storms heading out way.

The girls went on the back patio one morning and read.  They said they needed a blanket too, since the rain was making it damp.

I printed out special chore lists for the kids this week.  I split up tasks according to ability and their work schedules.  They earn an allowance, if they complete their chore list all week and schoolwork without me needing to raise my voice repeatedly to finish.  Every time there is an argument to finish or a refusal to do a chore, they lose part of their money.

Caty was so upset when I didn't have laundry on her chore list this week.  (I didn't want to take the time to teach her how to use the washer and dryer this week.)  So I gave in and taught her the basics.  She is in love and the laundry was caught up all week!!  I think I know who is in charge of laundry duty from now on!

The chore charts seem to be working.  They each have so many chores a day that need to be finished.  I split up household duties according to skill and who needs to still learn to do different tasks.  It's been interesting.  But last week, the house remained semi-clean most of the week.  The laundry was not behind at all thanks to Caty!!  So we'll keep working with this method.  They have the potential to earn $5.00 a week if they do not ignore chore reminders and do all their schoolwork.  This past week, a few people lost money.  Others earned it all.  When they want to buy something, they'll soon learn that if you do not do the work, you don't get paid.

We got about 6-8 inches of rain in a 3 day period.  We were flooded.  The pictures below are just the first day/storm on Monday.  We did not get as bad as some that live south of us, but still bad.  I had to go and buy rain boots to get into the coop.  The water was so deep in that area of our yard.  Fortunately the chickens are not in the water but the coop entrance is.

An intersection on our way to Choir on Monday.

This was our Monday night mess...

There was something cooking, cooling and being mixed all over the place.  I had a checklist to keep myself organized and make sure the kids were getting their projects done.

By Tuesday morning, I didn't want to see another 4H book for the rest of my life!  But we got ready for judging.  Checklist in hand, I double checked requirements.

We packed up and even got the wagon to use to carry projects, books and posters.  I missed one project requirement.  I was so mad!  Fortunately Joe was home and was able to bring Caty's flower cuttings to her in time for judging.

Joey was the only one to get a Superior this year.  He worked very hard on this project.  I was very proud of him!!

Brayden's picture was on the 4H Facebook page.  This was his Model Train Self-determined project.

On Wednesday we took the kids and their cousins to Dave and Busters to play at Half-price day.  After a couple hours it's so overwhelming we were all ready to leave.  We'll come back before they head back to school.

We got home from Dave and Busters and the girls had cheerleading practice.  Wednesday was pure exhaustion.  (I had spent the whole morning working on Bible study and letter writing...the lack of movement affected me.)

On Thursday morning they convinced me that they needed to take this clay pottery class.  I gave in and agreed.  We dropped Joey off at work and had to kill a little time.  So they got coffees from a local business near the art studio.  They thought that was great!

They are making planters over a two-day class.

Busy morning and then Thursday afternoon, the girls had rabbit livestock judging.  They both participated in Skill-a-thon, which is where you memorize a bunch of facts about the rabbit you are taking to the fair.  Caty was so nervous, this was her first time.  With her memory issues, she didn't have much hope in her mind.  I just wanted her to participate.  She remembered more than she thought.  I'm just happy and very proud that she decided to participate.

They both earned an Outstanding.

But huge Mommyfail... I misread project requirements and didn't have Lydia make a poster.  If she would have done that, she would've gotten a Superior.  I guess there's always next year.

On their chore charts now, I have one helper for each meal.  Here I'm showing Brayden how to make my version of tamale pie.  This night I was mostly showing him.  Next time, hopefully I will be able to help "less", sit back and let him take control.  This recipe was a hit by the way.  It was just something I kind of created in my head.  A twist on an old casserole I used to make.

Friday morning when I went to feed the ladies, I discovered the Miss Lucy is getting a long fine.  I also now know they love watermelon, tomatoes, and cabbage.  They are getting so big and I feel like we are raising hogs and not chickens.

We had our last 4H meeting on Friday.  Bittersweet...I'm ready for projects to be over.  I'm just exhausted.  But it's another year they has flown past.  The kids chose a beach theme for our fair booth.  A few months ago, I purchased a ton of cheap flip-flops to decorate for the name tags.  This was a hit.  All the kids enjoyed doing it.

We decided to not go to the Farmers Market this week.  There are a couple festivals going on locally, and I think it will be dead.

I was able to spend more time in the field ministry, sharing the Bible with others.  So I was happy to do that.  I started crocheting Lydia's afghan this week too.  I don't have much going yet.  I'll post a picture of it next week.  All in all, another successful week in the Kuehner household.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!  Linking up with other moms at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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  1. Wow! I can't imagine having to finish cutting the chicken foot off. Otherwise. It sounds like an awesome week.
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