Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Doctor Aviation - Online Flight Course Review

Joey and I recently had the opportunity to study Aviation History while reviewing Doctor Aviation.

I was looking for a fun and attention grabbing class to complete one of Joey's required elective courses on his high school transcript.  He has a set amount he needs to complete to "earn" for graduation. Doctor Aviation has fit all those requirements for us.

Doctor Aviation offers an extremely easy user-friendly interface, which Joey is able to navigate independently.  He has been able to use it on both the laptop and also on my iPad, depending on where we are working in the house that day.

Doctor Aviation offers 15 video lessons/units that include a wide variety of topics on aviation.  You have 6 months to finish the session.  This is a full semesters worth of material (depending on how many lessons you cover a week).  The video lessons vary from approximately 45 minutes to about an hour in length.

Some of the topics we have been learning about include the actual science of flight and makeup of planes, as well as how air traffic control towers keep the skies safe.  We are looking forward to the topics on air craft maintenance, how an airport runs, as well as how to actually fly a plane and what the instruments are that are needed to fly.

As your student works through each lesson, you can download and print guided notes to go with the video they are watching.  This is a great resource, especially when you have a student with special needs who does not take notes well.  I can simply print out the notes, and he can fill it in as he watches!!

Other resources offered with each lesson include a suggestion list of books, websites and videos that you can use for research about topics you are learning in each lesson.  Certain lessons also contain optional exams.

We are at the half-way point in the lessons.  Joey is doing two lessons a week.  Like I mentioned earlier, we are using this as a high-school elective class.  Joey is very much enjoying using Doctor Aviation, and I am loving listening in on all his lessons.  I love the historical and scientific aspects that this course offers.  Joey loves that he gets to watch a video for his lessons, versus being required to reach a huge textbook.   The added bonus of him being able to complete this course independently has been a great time-saver for myself.

Here's a short video about Doctor Aviation:

This class from Doctor Aviation easily qualifies as a high school elective course in most states, but middle school students who are very interested in flight or looking into a possible career in flight will also enjoy this course.  In Middle school, this would count toward a science course/elective. 

Doctor Aviation is $99.00 for 6 month access to the semester long class.  You will need to have internet access during lesson time, since the videos are being streamed.  

I can't wait to finish the course with Joey.  It has been a fun and educational class.  Just another great side benefit of homeschooling ... getting to learn more as adults too!

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