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Mapelle Films - Trust Fund Movie and Love Was Near Book Review

I recently got a chance to review the newly released film Trust Fund from Mapelle Films.  Along with this, I also got an opportunity to read the movie novel, Love Was Near written by Sandra Martin.

Trust Fund is the story of young Reese.  She lost her mother when she was a teenager and has grown up and is working on her novel.  Her father sees her heading down a dangerous path.  He sees her life as a spiral of overspending and no responsibility.  He keeps trying to get her to grow into a responsible and mature adult.

Reese feels that her father and sister though just do not understand her.  She is a free-thinker and wants to do want she wants to do.  She just wants to keep overspending.  Then she discovers that she actually is set to inherit $5,000,000 from her mother in a Trust Fund.  She is so broke, and she just wants to run away from what she feels as a jail.

While in Italy, she falls into bad association and quickly must run for her life.  She fortunately has a caring father at home, and he was able to help her escape.  Reese comes back a changed person.  Her father welcomes her back with open arms.  But her sister and her fiance are very upset and have a hard time accepting Reese back into the family.

Trust Fund is a beautiful family movie.  It's a modern day story of the Prodigal Son.  It's a reminder of how no matter how much family upsets us or even does something that we do not agree with, we forgive and move on together.  That family always will be there for each other.  Trust Fund is a great story for all ages.  Our youngest is 9 and I had no problem with her watching this film.  In fact, it's a sweet love story thrown in also that is not inappropriate for the pre-teen crowd.  It's really hard to find a movie that is a love story that does not promote premarital relations.

Trust Fund is set to release July 18th nationwide for DVD purchase of $14.99.

We also had the opportunity to preview a copy of Love was Near by Sandra Martin ($12.99).  This is the story that Reese is writing during the movie.  Written for Ages 12 and up, this young adult novel takes you into a deeper look of the movie Trust Fund.

Love was Near takes you to a in-depth look of what Reese was thinking.  What her regrets were and how she moved forward.  But it's more than just reading her story.  Love was Near turns into a journal that you and your daughter can work on together as you read what was going on in Reese's mind.  It follows right along with the book.

Love was Near was written as a way to open up dialog with your child about so many topics that you may be afraid to approach or even might not even think about.  There are so many times that we think our children just know, because we do.  Well that's not the case.  We have been given such a weighty responsibility in raising our children and preparing them for life.

We definitely want to make sure we prepare them as much as possible for the world.  Reese's father probably thought he had prepared his daughters, but Reese still fell into a trap.  One of the chapters is on looking at a person and deciding if they are right for you.  (Which is why the book Love was Near is meant for the older teenage girls in your life, and not the whole family).

Mapelle Films has also provided a wonderful extra resource to use along with your viewing of Trust Fund.  There is a downloadable study guide from the Mapelle Films website.  This can be used along with your viewing or a small group viewing of the movie.  The study guide matches up areas of the movie with the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son.  It includes the bible verses that you can read along with your child.

I actually really enjoyed the Trust Fund movie.   It is an excellent family night movie for those of us with older children (at least 9 and older).  Trust Fund was a great film, that didn't come off as preachy to children.  You all know films that basically wag their finger at wrong doing.  We all know that we are imperfect and make many mistakes.  If a child feels (or even adults) that they are being preached at constantly they will turn a deaf ear to you.  This films just helps to reinforce a parents love for their children, as well as the love that our heavenly father has for us also.

The book Love was Here is an excellent companion to go along with your movie viewing.  I would definitely recommend it for girls over the age of 15.  It was a bit above Lydia at only an early 12 years old.  But as our daughters grow older, these are definite topics that we want them to be aware of, dealing with the responsibility of selecting a good mate and the dangers of what lurks out there.

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out both Love was Near and the Trust Fund Movie.  Take some time to see how they used these Mapelle Films products in their homes.

Trust Fund Movie {Mapelle Films Reviews}

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