Friday, July 14, 2017

4H...4H...4H...It's almost over... oh and New Art program

American Girl Studies ... This week they finished American Girl Julie Book 4.  We spotted an eagles nest that I knew was near the river.  It's on private property.  But they girls could see the size of it.

Lydia worked hard on her quilt over the weekend.  We had a few seams she had to re-do.  I was at fault on the one.  But getting close to being done.

Joe and I put a new top on the chicken coop.  After the last massacre, the chicks haven't been allowed out at night.  We got hardware wire to install.  It took us hours and lots of scraps, but we got it in.

Lydia made pumpkin cake while we were working on the coop.

This week we were not running as much...YEAH!!!  Still have some normal stuff like choir and sports.  Also the library shifts and Joey's CORE shifts.  But everything is manageable.  So we spent Monday morning tackling schoolwork, so we do not get behind.  We have taken some steps back with Caty.  She had regression and now we are working on rebuilding the skills she had.  This is a great program, Pecci Learning System.  Caty is using the Super Seatwork to practice her phonics and word blends.

Lydia has been using Unlock Pre-Algebra and doing awesome.  But we are getting a chance to review Horse Lover's Math - Book 1 .... So we will be doing lessons in this also.  She fell in love already today.  We had tried this program a few years ago, and she wasn't ready for it.  Now she tackled it like a champ.

This week I tried something different.  After we got home from the Kingdom Hall on Sunday.  We sat down with the kids, while they ate their Subway, and I listed things I needed help with around the house.  All the chores I have been screaming at them about.  They each chose what they wanted to do, and I assigned them out on their school work lists then.  But the laundry was a bit different.  Lydia is working on the laundry this week, the actual washing.  Caty wants to learn, but I want Lydia to do it a few weeks to make sure she understands how to get it done.  Then I'll introduce Caty to it.  But when Lydia brings the clothes upstairs, she puts it in the living room.  You sort out your clothes and fold your own laundry and put it away.  We stopped and did this about 30 minutes on Monday and it was a school break, and only one person complained... Brayden.  Fingers crossed it continues this easy.

I was introduced to a new art book to use with the kids.  I ordered it and fell in love.  This will help with fulfilling Joey and Brayden's art credit they need for high school, plus it's going to be so much fun.  This week they worked on Lion Man.  Some of the kids started out trying to carve on soap.  But it was so soft, it broke.  Poor Brayden went through a few bars.  Caty through 4.  So we talked about how tough it must have been for the person that carved the Lion Man statue without tools like we have now.  Then we also discussed how a statue of a lion ended up in a cave in Germany.  Definitely not wild lions in Germany now.

Brayden ended up using Model Magic.

The book is called Vincent's Starry Night and Other Stories.  It doesn't give you a project, so I'm making them up as we go.  I'm fine with that.  The stories this week were neat and imaginative.

The girls and I also have started using two new programs for Language Arts/Grammar and 1 for writing.  Lydia started a new writing program last week, and enjoyed it.  I'm having her listen in on Caty's new How to Write a Paragraph writing program from The Crafty Classroom (we are reviewing) so that she can ensure complete sentences.  Then we'll continue with the Time program she was using last week.  But the girls loved English on a Roll this week (watch for our review).  I can't wait to see how they continue to like it.

One day this week we spent time volunteering at our Kingdom Hall sharing Bible knowledge.  It was a fun time and something we have missed.

There was a lot of finishing touches on cooking projects.  I mean they were ALMOST done, but not totally done.  Joey had two pies to bake...he made a pumpkin and lime pie (with merengue).

Lydia made a southwest chow mix.

Still lots of sewing to finish.  She needs to finish this.  We waited way too long to finish this project.

Caty's outfit is finished and Lydia was able to count a learning extra for one of her projects since she helped Caty make a transfer for her t-shirt that matched her shorts.

We had rabbit tattooing.  This was the only night for it.  But Joe and I had tickets for the Impractical Jokers show.  So it was a total rush all day on Thursday.  I felt like I passed myself on the road.

But we made it to our show with time to spare.  It was our first date night in a year.  It was nice.  We enjoyed the show!

The next day, we went to Dave & Busters with the kids and Joe's sister and her family.  They had watched the kids while we were at the show.  None of us had been to D & B's yet.  It was quite an experience!

Can't tell their cousins .. can you ?!?!  They are only 1 day apart!

Then we walked around the mall for a little bit.  We found Caty an ice cream freezer plate at Williams Sonoma.  She set out to make ice cream the next day.  It was a hit.

She's now a pro --- and will mix in any candies you want.

We spent a lot of extra hours this week working on finishing projects and practicing for judging.  I can't wait for 4H season to be over!!  Counting down the days this year!!

Hope everyone had a great week!!  See everyone next... Judging will be more than half way over by then!

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  1. Your weeks are always so full of learning, fun and new experiences. I am glad you made it out onto a day.
    Blessings, Dawn