Friday, August 4, 2017

Chasing My Own Tail - Choir Concert, Drawing and Fair Projects

Our week started out pretty good.  We got ready to go to the Kingdom hall and I realized we all picked blue dresses to wear.

This week was busy.  We were getting ready for our District convention to learn more about Jehovah and get some wonderful spiritual encouragement.  So we played a lot of learning games.  This was Sequence States.

Lydia "mopping" the floor for me.  Seriously?!?!

The girls had their choir Open House.  They have now tried choir.  Neither wants to continue.  But they followed through with it.

Caty with a finished piece of her art.  We did try to finish all their fair projects since they were headed to camp soon.

The girls finished painting their vases from the previous clay class.

Lydia tried softball and loved it!!  So she'll keep working at this new sport.

Lots of County Fair projects...

Caty wanted shortbread cookies...I said make them!  So she did!

A changed up Cheer routine.

We had a wonderful 3 day Spiritual convention reminding us to keep on the fight against Satan's world.

 We had to get up very early everyday.  This is how most of the drives to the convention looked.

I downloaded these great notebooks that someone created.  It helped the kids to listen to each talk and take "notes" through the use of puzzles and pictures.  I'm so glad I found them!

Eating lunch

Brayden had lunch with grandpa one day.  He was so happy.

We spent a great evening with friends.  Then we woke up early the next day to the start of our 4H fair.
Too be honest, I'm always feeling like I was on the was rough.  There were a ton of emotional issues from Joey, which heaped on even more stress while trying to meet each individual's needs in our family.  I keep hoping it will get better soon.  It's been rough, but I keep trying to be optimistic.

I hope everyone has a great week!!!

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