Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Fair Season Begins and 4H Season ends (a two week post)....

Yep.... our 4H County Fair began.  We decorated our booth with a beach theme.  All the projects on display.

This is our first year allowing any of the kids to put animals in the fair.  Up to this point we didn't allow it.  And After a couple days, I remembered why.... it's a lot of work!

Caty, Brayden and Lydia all worked in the 4H Milkshake Barn together.

Grooming their rabbits.

Judging time ..  Neither rabbit "placed".  Caty's rabbit made it to the final judging round.  Maybe next year.

There was a 4H dance that the girls had a blast at.

We had cheer practice because our first competition was at the Fair.

I decided to try and make Keto cinnamon rolls..... MMMMMmmmmm!!

Our team got 1st place in the Spirit Division

Our County 4H has a Bake-off each year during the fair.  Any member can enter under different categories.  The auction helps to raise funds for project books and items in our county.

Brayden's Smores Cookies won 1st place and Best of Class for his age group.

Lydia won 2 - 1st places and also her pistachio bars one Best of Show!!

At yet another cheer competition this week, our team won 1st Place again in Spirit!

Caty discovered a food truck that was featured on Carnival Eats (Season 4, Episode 2)....and we all know about Caty being a foodie.  She tried the peanut butter and jelly and bacon quesadilla.

She met the creator of the treat and he gave them autographed hats and interviewed Caty.  They shared new quesadilla ideas.  It was so cute!

Brayden got in on the action too.  He LOVED it!

Fun drawings in the backyard.

Puppies thinking I didn't see them laying on Caty's pillow she made for the fair.

Brayden was excited about going to camp this week, but he wanted people to not touch his he made a sign.

The ceremonial cutting off of the bracelet after over a week at the fair... Whoohooo!!

I tried to concentrate on decluttering school shelves and checking all our supplies.  Got rid of broken stuff ... found out that we don't really need anything.  We could use some new paint brushes, and that's it.  I was upset...I really wanted to go back to school shopping!

The kiddos finished up their open class projects for our county fair.  We do 4H in the neighboring county.  The fairs are only 4 days apart.  The kids do 4H in one county and I allow them to do open class projects at OUR county fair.  (In a separate post, we'll post their ribbons, since judging takes place all week.)

Brayden's decorated cookies.

Smore Chocolate Chip cookies

A few of the baked goods.  Joey did all baked goods this year.  It went with his 4H projects he had just finished.  So we had a ton of cooking projects to finish!

Lydia's decorated cookies.

Lydia's recycled glass project - this is an old lamp and plate turned into a side table.

Caty's feeding flamingos decorated cupcakes.  Poor Caty worked so hard on these.  They were so moist, the flamingo heads fell over.  So she was upset.  Then we saw Brayden's graham cracker crumbs and she turned them into feed flamingos.  There are little fish sprinkles in the bottom of the pan too.  The judges thought that it was adorable.

 The Love sign is an art project from Caty

The first day of our fair is a cheer competition..... Our team won 1st in Spirit again!!  The girls were all so excited!!

My rainbow afghan I entered.

A scrubby washcloth I entered.

Caty's marigold

Brayden's veggies... zuchinni

Cherry tomatoes

Joey's pumpkin pie

Blueberry Pie

Hanging out at the competition....

Caty's wood project - she made a wall plaque of her favorite Disney moments.

This was just a few of the items..... between the 5 of us there were almost 70 projects we entered.  I keep telling myself we need to take out of the work, but then enter just as many as before!  I think I just need to plan a lot better this upcoming year.  I'll have a separate post with all their judging results.  I can't wait to get to the fair tomorrow and see what the results were!!

Hope everyone had a great week!

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