Monday, September 11, 2017

Back to School for our 6th Grader

I thought I would share the materials that we are "starting" our year with.  We all know as homeschoolers, things change as we adjust to our children's needs.  But so far these have been a good fit for Ms. Lydia.


Unlock Math - Pre-Algebra


Easy Grammar - Grade 6

Word Club - Scripps Spelling Bee

She's getting prepped for next spring's spelling bee!


From Adam to Us - Part 1 Creation to Cathedrals


Let's Go Geography


Memoria Press Cursive

Lots of practice on penmanship this year.
She'll also be using The Art of Cursive for practice


We will be doing Science Club again this year.  Various topics would be animal adaptations, habitats, chemistry and oceanography to name a few topics.  We meet weekly.

Foreign Language

American Sign Language



Lydia is still going to be working at the stable and taking riding lessons.  She also will continue active in American Girl Book Club, 4H and Girl Scouts.  We'll also have a bunch of field trips to go along with various studies.  For Sports, she just finished competitive cheer.  She'll be continuing in Bowling, Basketball cheerleading, and Youth Basketball.  So we definitely have a full schedule!!

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