Friday, September 15, 2017

Hawaii, Egyptian Art, Algebraic Expressions, and the Garden of Eden

We seemed to get into a bit of a groove this week.  It was nice to wake up and have coffee and get our work done.  Just a little normal running here and there.  I actually turned down two activities.  That's my goal, to cut back this year.  We'll still have plenty of activities and new experiences, I'm just going to try and not over-schedule us this year.

In Our Homeschool This Week....

This was our first week back with Science/Art club this week, and we only had art.  The other moms and I set up a schedule for our science studies.  Very exciting year coming up!!   On the Art side, we learned about Egyptian Art styles.  We watched this short video.

Our project this week was to work with watercolors and the kids did a variation of this silhouette project I had seen online.  Some of the kids did their silhouettes out of oil pastels, while others painted their whole sky and added pyramid cutouts.  We gave all the kids their choice.

In Geography, we finished up a lighthouse video that we didn't get finished last week.  We took an extra day off last week to go to Cedar Point.  So we finished talking about the New England area on Monday.

On Wednesday we started learning about Hawaii.  We read some books and watched a video highlighting areas of Hawaii, including volcanoes...which we all want to go and see!

The girls made paper leis.

We watched some videos on Pineapple Farms in Hawaii.  Some friends had visited there a few years ago and recommended them.

Language Arts ... The girls worked on writing descriptive paragraphs about their favorite treats.  Caty's created a fish sandwich cake.  Since she is working on actual spelling and writing, I write what she wants to say and then she copies it on the paper.

Lydia working on her snickerdoodle paragraph while eating a push pop.  What a hard life they lead!

Caty was excited to finish Life of Fred Butterflies and we started Life of Fred Cats.  She shocked herself working on her Page-A-Day math without looking at her addition board!!!  She is working on the Channie's One Page A Day Double Digit Math while I'm reading her Life of Fred everyday.  This week she reviewed tally marks also.

Lydia was working on simple algebraic expressions, and also her Horse Lover's Math - Level 1 book.  It's amazing how algebraic expressions are suddenly just clicking with her.

Caty is loving Draw Write Now!  In fact, she has actually been asking to do extra lessons, and I'm not stopping her.  I pretty much let her go until she decides to stop.  (That's the nice thing about the way I create lesson plans, since it's a word document, I can easily switch lessons around and make adjustments!)

Caty is also loving learning Spanish.  She's using Middlebury Interactive.  She's flying through the beginner level.

Lydia is working on a sign language refresher course I found her on Udemy.  She worked on signing colors and sentences using those color words.

In History (the girls) this week, we studied the Garden of Eden, Noah and the Tower of Babel.  After finishing their worksheets, the girls tried to build towers as tall as they could.  Caty actually got bored before she finished.  Lydia liked the project and then got bored also.  But Caty had a large tower.

Joey started back to work at the Dayhab.  He only goes 1 day a week now.  This week he finished another high school elective.  His transcript is filling up!!

Brayden went to Game Club this week.  It's a group with our local Special Needs organization.  He had fun playing both board games and they turned on the Wii also.

After pure chaos since the middle of July, Lydia is finally back to riding.  Next week she'll be back working at the stable also.

My niece is having a formal party this weekend, so a friend of ours gave the girls manicures as a special treat today.  Fancy nails to go with their fancy dresses.

I'm really taking things slowly and a few days at a time.  Since I haven't been feeling the best healthwise, I know I need to take it easy or suffer more illness.  I am still working a lot of hours on the computer, but will make it.  I just need to keep remembering to rest.

I hope everyone had a great week!!

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Wow! What a full and awesome week. I love horseback riding. Some of my children have never been on a horse.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Boy that looks like it was a great week! My kids really liked Draw Write Now! as well... too bad they don't make one for high schoolers!
    (I really, really like your blog design!)