Thursday, September 14, 2017

Chara Games - Unauthorized Review

We love a good family/friends game night.  We recently had the opportunity to review a new game from Chara Games entitled Unauthorized

Chara Games aims to create games that help develop relationship with God and people.  Run by Patrick and Katherine Lysaght, Chara Games wants to help people grow in their faith and strength families through game play. 

Unauthorized ($14.99) is a short played (only about 30 minutes) game for 6 - 12 players, ages 12 and up.  So it is great for impromptu game nights.  This game of social deduction allows you encourage growth or stamp out an underground church.  Each person's role power can sway the experience cards of other players in an effort to allow their side to win.  Will it be church or state?

Each Unauthorized deck comes with 12 role cards.

96 experience cards

1 Dealer card, 2 Reference Cards and full-color instruction booklet

We set up to play with just Joe and I at first.  We did not realize how playing with just a couple people isn't a great choice.  Unauthorized is really meant to be played with at least six people.  

To be honest, we felt a little overwhelmed with the rules and following the steps in this game.  It is really a great strategy game option for families, with a Christian theme.  Something that is hard to find when looking for quality game nights.  But Joe and I had to watch this video to help us understand what to do.  This helped us to teach the kids better also.

Once we got set up, we were ready to go.

The kids, I will be honest were not huge fans.  They felt there was too many steps for them to remember.  That's understandable due to their learning disabilities.  Multi-step problems and games like this are extremely challenging.  But they did make it through.

Joe and I though found some great opportunities how to explain to the kids about what happens in real life when the state may win vs. the church.  While playing we did have some wonderful discussions about how the state does and will continue to take down organized religious organizations because they feel religion as a threat.  We were able to use the recent events this past year in Russia as an examples of what can happen.

So we considered this a successful family game night.  We got the hang of playing Unauthorized, and we have attempted to play it again with the kids a couple more times.  They are getting used to play now, so it is easier for them than that first night.  Joey still feels a little strange about the topics, but we have been able to continue lots of great conversations about faith and the times we are living in.

If you are looking for a Christian family game, check out Unauthorized by Chara Games.  Chara Games have many other wonderful Christian games.  We have also had the opportunity to review Commissioned last year.  

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review Unauthorized.  Visit the link below to find out how they used this game in their homes.

Unauthorized {Chara Games Reviews}
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