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Heirloom Audio Productions - Captain Bayley's Heir Review

Audiobooks are the greatest in my opinion.  We use them constantly and I actually get a little disappointed when a book we want to read may not have one.  We got the opportunity to review another winner from Heirloom Audio Productions called Captain Bayley's Heir.

Heirloom Audio Productions are not just typical audio books.  They produce radio dramas.  This type of audio is not just someone reading a story to you and your family.  Captain Bayley's Heir is actually being acted out by the characters.  You hear sound effects and the highs and lows.  The actors and actresses do such a great job, you could close your eyes and imagine being in the story...just as if you were watching what you were listening to on television.

In the drama of Captain Bayley's Heir, you and your family will be taken back in time to the early 1800s during the California Gold Rush.  In Captain Bayley's Heir, you will meet 18-year old Frank, who lives in England. He is wrong accused of stealing money.  In order to avoid being arrested, Frank flees England and heads to America.  You join him on his journey to discover gold.  Frank does not have it easy, and faces many challenges along the way.  Will Frank ever be reunited with his family?  Will they believe that he is innocent?

Captain Bayley's Heir is brought to life with a full celebrity cast.

Their voices match to their character's personalities so well.  The excitement during distress can be felt and the happiness can be felt also.

We have been enjoying this story as we travel around between lessons and on errands.  (So no I can't safely close my eyes and travel back in time... lol)  But the kids have commented how they want me to wait to turn off the van when we get to our destination.

Along with our physical cd that we received from Heirloom Audio Productions, we also had access to the latest creation from Heirloom Audio Productions, The Live the Adventure Club online.  

From this fun web page, we were able to access the Study Guide to go along with Captain Bayley's Heir.  This Study Guide was absolutely amazing.  (I can say this because we have used all the study guides from Heirloom Audio so far, and I have seen how they have improved on each one and just keep making them better and better!)  

Not only does the Captain Bayley's Heir study guide give your student comprehension questions to go with what they are listening to, but it also includes vocabulary and Thinking Further questions.  These questions are meant to draw out your student with not only the material from the story, but also from the time period that you are "visiting" while listening to the story.

Due to the various types of questions offered, the Captain Bayley's Heir Study Guide could easily be used for multi-level teaching.  You can assign students questions based on their skill and comprehension levels.  This is great for families with multiple students.  

The Captain Bayley's Heir Study Guide also includes reading suggestions to really turn your reading into a history lesson.  Included also are three different Bible study pages that brings the scriptures into your history lesson.  

When you decide to purchase Captain Bayley's Heir, make sure that you do sign up for The Live the Adventure Club.  Not only is this where you find your downloadable study guide, but it's also where you can join in on the fun with other audio drama fans.  There are parent resources to help give you ideas to make sure you family gets the most out of their listening.  You'll also find other fun materials, podcasts and even a message board where your child can post comments and questions about the books they are listening too.

Heirloom Audio Productions knocked it out of the park again with Captain Bayley's Heir ($29.97 cd/mp3 download, $19.97 mp3 download) and the resources that they made available for families.  I can not wait to see what other new projects they are working on!

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review Captain Bayley's Heir.  Click the link below to join up with their stories and see how they used this resource in their homes.

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