Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Favorite Homeschool Websites

Here are a few websites that we use regularly in our studies!

Super Teacher Worksheets

This is one of the top sites that we use.  I use Super Teacher Worksheets for multiple subjects with multiple students every week.  Their annual subscription is definitely worth the cost of only $19.95!

Their website is super easy to navigate, and there is also a search feature.  Currently they offer materials through 6th grade level

Enchanted Learning

We really like this program for science and history studies.  But I also have found they have some great geography resources.  Definitely worth the $20.00 annual fee.  Very budget friendly for homeschool families.  Can use through middle school levels for reference materials.


This website used to offer an annual subscription and you could download whatever you needed anytime.  They no longer offer this subscription, but their studies are reasonably priced usually around $2.00.  You can print more than one copy off for siblings then.  I like the details given.  It's great for elementary aged students and special needs students who are struggling also.


I use this site a lot also.  Last minute books and materials are easily downloaded.  We have also used their live and recorded classes with great success.

Christian Homeschool Hub

Animal Jam

This is just a fun animal fact game that we were introduced to a few years ago.  Lydia, Caty and even Brayden have played it for a while now.  They love it.  You can play the free version or be a monthly subscriber.

Turtle Diary

This is a great go to website for games to reinforce topics being studied.  There are games through the elementary level.  The girls love to play on here.  You can do it on computer or tablet.


Ok...we all know we are Minecraft fans in this house.  I spend every extra minute working on lessons that can be reinforced with Minecraft building.  You can check out some of our classes on Homeschool with Minecraft.

Some newer places that we are experimenting with are:


You can find a class for almost any subject on here.  This is for adults and kids.  So make sure parents that you are exploring with your kids through the subjects.  Lydia is taking a ASL refresher course on here currently.  Most of the online classes are very reasonable.


Outschool is a newer program that specifically targets classes for school aged children.  Also reasonably priced, it's offers single meeting classes and multi-week classes.

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  1. Super teacher worksheets is an excellent website i have used it often for my kids as well as my students, my little grade 3 sweethearts who i adore just like my kids.