Friday, September 22, 2017

Oh Canada, Greek Art Vases, Ancient Egypt and So Much More

We started our weekend with a trip to the art museum to view the Greek Art Vase exhibit.  It was fun and an introduction to what they would be studying in art this week.

The next couple weeks we'll be studying Ancient Egypt in girls history.  So we visited the art museum library and checked out a couple learning tubs.  They are packed full of books, games and activities.  We have the one for Ancient Egypt and also Ancient Greece and Rome.

They is even papyrus in this one.

It was chilly most mornings this week.  Cold enough I pulled out the space heater while checking my email and drinking coffee.  The dogs love the space heaters.

In American Girl club we learned about civil rights.  The girl this month was Melody.  We made these flower bracelets and the kids made protest signs for our "March".  Next month we'll be visiting a Civil Rights exhibit at a local museum.

In Science/Art Club this week, we talked about insect classification and also animal classification.  The kids broke down the classifications of a few insects.

Then we got started with was Greek Art this week.  We found glass vases at Goodwill and spray painted them to look "old".  The kids mainly relied on the Geometric period of Greek art and designed their own vases.

They painted with acrylic paints, using mainly black and gold.

Even Joey liked this project.

In our individual science, the girls and I talked about animal classification and also stared talking about the fall season.  They made a wall chart sorting by classes.

This week marked the start of bowling season.  Brayden requested that this year.  So we made sure to try it again, and he loved it this time.  So guess where we'll be every week this fall!

A few months ago, my mom had her book published.  It's an auto-biography of her life growing up in Virginia.  Well this week she was invited to speak at our towns Historical Society meeting.  She asked us to help her.  One of the members records the meetings for the local television station.  He let Caty and Lydia help him.

This week Caty finished Life of Fred Cats and worked on skills such as measuring, looking at the Imperial vs Metric System.  She also worked on place value, double digit subtraction and addition, and also skip counting.

 Caty has been asking to take drum lessons, and we finally found somewhere to take her.  This was more difficult than I thought it would be.  She had her first lesson this week and loved it.

Working on her Middlebury Interactive Spanish class.  We're practicing a lot of the phrases she is learning.  I ordered her a workbook to practice these phrases too.

We had our annual reminder discussion as to why we have chosen for our family to not celebrate Halloween.  We watched the History Channel documentary on the origins and then had a discussion as to what to tell people when they ask.  We role-played a little and reminded them to be respectful of others beliefs and also to be careful since some people only want to argue and don't really care how our kiddos feel and believe.

In Geography, the girls visited Canada.  We watched lots of videos and read a couple wonderful books exposing us to a bit of Canadian culture.  We had poutine and mac& cheese for lunch one day.  I wanted to make beavertails for them all for breakfast, but I just couldn't do it.  I kept running out of time and energy, and my foot it turned out is injured.  So I took pity on myself and will make them at another time.

They colored the Canadian flag and created a map of sites throughout Canada, as well as worked on labeling the provinces.  And watched a short of Canadian history.

Another fun activity this week, my niece held a formal party for friends and family.  The girls were looking so forward to it.  Me ... not so much.  But I forced myself out of my bubble and had a blast.  I injured my foot more while dancing..but it was worth it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!!

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