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Let's Go Geography Online Geography Review

One of my favorite subjects to teach is Geography, almost as much as I love history.  We recently had the opportunity to review the Let's Go Geography online program from Let's Go Geography.  It has been such great fun and truly helped out with my Geography planning.

I'm always trying to decide a country list, and we make changes to our country list that we are studying on an ongoing basis.  I love teaching Geography because it is a subject that can be very hands-on and you can truly bring to life what it is like to live in that country or area with your students with just a few extra projects.  Let's Go Geography online program gives you a full list of countries to study, including the United States regions, and does a lot of the extra work for you.

Let's Go Geography online program takes away a lot of the extra work that teaching hands-on Geography lessons require.  Each week you log into the website and a country ready for you to go.  There is a PDF booklet each week that you can download.  It packed full of full-color photographs, printable maps, flags and worksheets, lesson instructions on what highlight with that country and video links to watch with your child during the "visit" with the kids.  You can choose to do a "chapter" a day or combine them to fit into your study schedule.  (FYI...we call geography world travel.  So when we are studying a country, we are visiting it.  We have themed meals also.)

Created for elementary study (Grades K - 4) of geography, I was able to use it with our elementary and middle school student for multi-level teaching.  This required me changing up the crafts just slightly, but that was it.  I also required a little further research from her about the country, to help her work on those early researching skills.

Let's Go Geography provides you with video links for various topics you can see below:

The exploration pages include several various topics to learn many facts about the countries you are visiting.

Each week a craft and coloring page is provided for you to do with your student.

You can print out a passport also, but our girls opted to not do that.  Instead we keep each week's maps, printouts and reports in a 3-ring binder in their desks.  Let's Go Geography has parents covered there also.  There are tab inserts that you can print out for each section....they thought of everything.

So far this school year we have explored Lighthouses in the Northeastern region of the United States.  We have visited Hawaii, Canada and finishing up Haiti this week.  (We spent a couple weeks in the Northeastern Region, so we got a little off schedule.)

Some library books we read when visiting Hawaii... Let's Go Geography even provide library book ideas to include in your studies.

Just one of the crafts....making paper leis.  The girls had fun with this one.

We also did an art project for Haiti, trying to re-create some housing pictures they saw from Port-au-Prince and how they build their houses right up the side of the mountain.  And colorful houses!

Let's Go Geography has helped me to concrete our country list for this school year.  We normally vote a few weeks in advance where we want to learn about.  But the list from where we are at in Year 1 is wonderful, and we've decided that we definitely will keep using Let's Go Geography through Year 3!

Let's Go Geography also thinks about Homeschool families schedules.  In the Year plan, they include 3 breaks and also 3 review weeks.  Those weeks you go back and review all the countries you had covered since the last review.  Those are every 12 weeks.

I love the pace of Let's Go Geography.  You do log into a website to get all your information to download, but I also receive the information weekly in my email.  We do not do Geography daily, but the way that Let's Go Geography is broken down each week, you could do about 10 minutes each day on that country.  We choose to spend 2 days working on Geography, but daily find the country on the World Map.

We have been reviewing the Year 1 subscription.  That is a full 36 weeks worth of resources.  You would think that this much material would be out of a normal family's budget, but Nope!!  It's only $21.99 a year!!

But you can also purchase individual lessons ($2.49 each) as well if you choose.

I am very grateful for being introduced to this wonderful homeschooling tool.  It has really helped my homeschool planning and the girls are enjoying all that we are learning while we are visiting.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review Let's Go Geography.  Visit the link below to see how they used this product in their homes.

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