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Brinkman Adventures Season 4 Review

Product:  The Brinkman Adventures Season 4 Episodes 37 - 48
Publisher:  The Brinkman Adventures
Cost:  $31.99 Audio CDs, $25.99 Audio Download
Age Range:  Entire Family

We pay for the Internet radio in our van.  The idea while we were traveling was so that we never had to search for local stations.  It worked when we were on cross-country trips.  But now that we are home more, I still don't mind the subscription because I do not like some of the local DJs.  I have discovered though the downward turn that the new hits on the radio seem to be taking.  The music is so inappropriate for young kids.  The behaviors that are being encouraged by most of these singers is appalling.  They know that pre-teens are listening to their music, but they do not care.  It's all about the sales. The world is definitely going downhill fast.

For the past few years, we have listened to more audio books.  So recently, this is what I try to listen to in the van when we are out and about.  We recently had the opportunity to review Season 4 of The Brinkman Adventures.  What a great radio drama series to enjoy with the family!

The Brinkman Adventures tell true stories that have happened to people in the Missionary field, but through the eyes of the ficitional Brinkman Family.  These adventures have been recorded in old-fashioned radio drama fashion.  So you feel as if you are "watching" the story in your mind.

Season 4 takes you on many adventures around the world, including Somolia, Congo, Cambodia and even daily life with the Brinkmans'.  There is one in particular that stuck out in our minds.  It's the story of a young wife who is experiencing domestic violence in her home.  She just went along with this as part of daily life, due to the cultural traditions.  She husband is upset because a Christian doctor enters his store to make purchases.  The husband refuses to sell to the doctor, and asks him to leave.  Then the husband gets very sick with cancer.  His local religion refuses to help him, their friends and neighbors avoid the family.

The Christian doctor though comes back, and after the wife finally allows him to shop there, the husband discovers that the Christian doctor was helping them out of caring for humankind.  This realization changes the husband and Aisha's life forever.  They face many challenges as they convert to Christianity.

As you listen to each episode, the Brinkman Adventures site also offers insight into the experience that inspired each story that you are listening to.  

The Brinkman Adventures Season 4 are wonderful stories of love, friendship, faith and true Christianity.  So many wonderful moral examples for the family to listen to.  Each episode is roughly 30 minutes in link.  The narrator will start you out and set the tone for the story, and follow up with a wrap up in what happened.  So for short trips to the store, or even sitting around in the living room in your pjs...they are great for shorter attention spans.

This is not the first season of The Brinkman Adventures that we have had the opportunity to listen to.  We have loved all the seasons we have followed along with.  The positive morality and love for God that is emphasized is wonderful for the family and their spirituality.  I cannot recommend this series enough!!  

We cannot wait as The Brinkman Adventures is getting ready to release Season 6 in November 2017!!  How exciting and what a great idea for those hard to buy for family members.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review The Brinkman Adventures Season 4 from The Brinkman Adventures.  You can visit the Homeschool Review Crew site link below to see what they thought of this series.

Brinkman Adventures Season 4
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