Tuesday, October 10, 2017

CTCMath - Family Membership Review

I will be honest, I am spread very thin for time with four kids at different levels.  I was grateful to get the opportunity to review the CTCMath Family Membership Online Math program from CTCMath for the boys.  It has helped me out so much already these last few weeks.

CTCMath is a online math program that provides extra help for students who may be struggling in various areas of math.  It offers video instruction which can be repeated as many times as the student needs.  Each lesson includes quizzes to reinforce and provide practice in the skills that your student needs extra help in.  You could use it as a standalone curriculum/teaching program or as supplemental to help reinforce skills your student may be struggling with.

CTCMath allows students to work at a pace that encourages them to master a skill, not just learn it.  The videos are short and yet are full of information which helps those with short attention spans.

CTCMath provides 
  • Almost 1,400 math videos and interactive lessons
  • 57,000 interactive questions
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Instant feedback for both parents and students
  • Help with higher level math such as algebra, trigonometry and calculus
  • Math lessons are available for students in levels from kindergarten through high school

We have been using CTCMath Family Membership for the last few weeks with the boys as their full math curriculum.  

The boys like the short length of the lessons.  If they do not understand the steps being taught, they can easily watch the video again and work at the skill they need to master.  Brayden loves that he can tell me how they did right away how he did.  He also is now old enough to realize that he did not pass and that he needs to watch the video again when he does not pass the quiz. 

One of my favorite things about CTCMath.  The simple videos.  My kids like playing math games online.  But sometimes the flashier the program, the less they learn.  The videos on CTCMath are simple and to the point.  They give a great explanation.  If they need to, they can easily watch them again.  These videos save me an extraordinarily large amount of time in dealing with math instruction.  The video below contains some sample lessons that you can watch to see how easy the video instruction is.

Another reason I am loving using CTCMath Family Membership is that parents get their own login.  When I log into my account, I am able to preview lessons, assign the boys daily math assignments, and also track their progress (and in some cases even double check to see if they have started/finished their work for that day....Joey thought he could fool me!)  You can also print the certificates that they are earning for their portfolios and even print grades if that is what you need to meet your state's requirements.  I can also print out a summary of the lessons so that we can refer back to them if we need too.

The assigning of tasks is very easy.  CTCMath Family Membership saves me time since you can assign all grade levels from your parent account.  So if you have a child on multiple levels, I could assign 4th grade Fractions, but 5th/6th grade geometry concepts for them to complete.  This has been excellent, since Joey was struggling with a couple basic multiplication concepts.  Even though he was working higher in the addition/subtraction area, I was able to refer him back to the 4th grade introduction to Multiplication concepts to practice before re-assigning him back up to the 5th grade level on more multiplication .

Each week, I get a weekly report in my email.  This is on top of the grades that are already kept in my Parent Account.  I can print them for keeping in their annual portfolios for assessments.  This is a clip from my latest email.  Since each assignment is automatically graded on a percentage scale, there is a key for easy reading.  It lists each day's assignments and also how many attempts that they may have made on each assignment.  On this sheet I can see that Brayden struggled with factors.  He and I had a talk and went over the concepts and he worked at passing his quiz.  

Under the parent account, I can also print a checklist to keep with my lesson plans.  This allows me to plan out their weekly lessons easier.

Both the boys are delayed in math skills.  But they are conquering harder 5th grade skills and early pre-algebra currently.  I really was not looking forward to working on these concepts with them.  CTCMath has been making this so easy for me!  The boys like the fact that they are able to finish their math in a very short amount of time and ready to move on them to the next concept.  

CTCMath Family Membership runs $39.97 per month or $297.00 for a 12 month subscription.  It's a little pricey, but considering the cost of individual full math curriculum, it's very reasonable.  Especially since it can be used for several children in the same family.

Not sure if CTCMath Family Membership will be a fit for your family?  Well they have a couple of great offers for you to check out.

You can get 60% off plus 6 Free Bonus Months. (Expires November 15, 2017) - (What an awesome deal to get math for all your kids!!)


You could also try CTCMath Online Program for FREE for 4 weeks.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review the various levels of CTCMath with both Individual plans and the Family Membership.  Click on the link below to see how they used this program with their families and what they thought of it.

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