Friday, October 20, 2017

Corn Mazes, Train Show, Spiny Lizard, Stonehenge and Poster Boards

I have not been feeling well all week.  I was struggling with carb withdrawl and allergy issues because of all the extra yuck in the air from the heat we are still being hit with in Ohio.  Fall weather has been in the 80s-90s...instead of our normal 60s.  It's been weird weather this fall season.  It took all week to finally feel better health wise, just the regular fibro pain is what I ended up with by the end of the week.

We went out to lunch one day.  Brayden loves McDonald's pancakes.  I made him cut his own food, since we weren't eating in the van.  He did very well!!  This might not seem like a big deal, but it really is for him!

In spite of the warm temps, still doing our fall science activities.  The girls planted some spring bulbs.

They also planted a mushroom garden.  We'll see what happens there.

We went with Brayden to the Fall Train Show at Sauder Village.

It's a neat museum.

Brayden running his Star Wars train.

Then we all road in antique cars.

As if we didn't have enough fun already, we went to do our annual fall corn maze/pumpkin farm trip.

Lydia started an Equine Careers class.  She is so excited to spend the next 4 weeks learning about careers with horses.  She also gets to tour the University of Findlay's Equine department.

She had a physical this week.  No issues..declared healthy.

We had a little family time with Grandpa and Grandma.

For Science Club we started learning about animal adaptations.  This week we talked about animals in Arctic and Desert habitats.  They build edible arctic soil  It's frozen permafrost (Frozen Twinkies), soil (ground up chocolate graham crackers), and snow (vanilla ice cream).  They had to wait to eat it while they watched the snow melt into the soil.

We also talked about the special oils that many arctic animals have so that they can get wet but then not freeze.  It's just water sprayed onto wax crayon coloring.

The girls also planted some bird seed so that they can see how plant roots must curve and grow in a thin layer of soil in the Arctic due to the permafrost.

We also learned about the spiny lizard and how it drinks.  It drinks through it's belly and legs.  The moisture transfers to the mouth.  So it doesn't need to "drink" water normally.  It can absorb moisture from any source it's on.

This paper towel represents the scales of the spiny lizard.  The water transferred to the lizard's mouth.

It was very cool!!

In Art, the learned about Illuminated Manuscript.  They did their names in this fancy style.

They also worked on some calligraphy.  I bought the Crayola calligraphy set for them to practice with.  They used the markers and tracing paper to outline the letters.

Next week is Geography Fair.  So all the kids have poster presentations to get ready.  The last two weeks they were writing their reports.

The girls covered 3 chapters in our history this week.  We talked about the Shang Dynasty, Stonehenge, and Minoans on Crete.  We watched several little specials on these topics.  There was a new Nova special on Stonehenge I recorded.  An episode of Expedition Unknown about the mystery of the Minoans.

We watched and then we just watched a Youtube video on the Shang Dynasty while they worked in their student workbooks.  (We only watched half of this since we only covered the Shang Dynasty this week.)

They built a small model of what Stonehenge is believed to have looked like originally....according to computer models.  (Did this while watching Nova...makes longer documentaries more bearable for short attention spans.)

Working on Shang Dynasty pottery design during their video.

Caty using paint brush markers to practice her spelling this week...hey I don't care.  As long as she is getting her work done.

Caty working on her math.  I added in to help her practice her Living Math work.  She also practices topics we are reading about in Life of Fred.  It's been great!  She either uses my laptop or my tablet to get her work done.

The girls crystal project has been sprouting.  This is leftover from Cave Science.  We saw the beginnings of Stalactites when we were on our cave tours.  Crystals forming...this was stalagmites forming.

Their fall science activity this week was to plant acorns and see if they can get the seeds to sprout.  I found some pin oak acorns at Sauder Village on Sunday.  So the girls planted them this week.  We'll keep this post updated to see what happens.

We re-homed Roscoe this week.  Our rooster was getting very loud and since we live in town, we found him a farm home.  We already miss his crowing a little bit.

I got myself a new play toy.  I wanted a keyboard case for my tablet.  I'm not sure how I'm going to like it.  But trying it out.

Minus my health issues, another successful week.  The kids all finished their assigned schoolwork, and Lydia even worked ahead in her math program!!  Caty also accomplished quite a bit in that area, so I was able to do some adjustments to our lesson plans for the year.  I was pretty excited about that!!

I hope everyone had a great week!!  Linking up with other moms at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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  1. Wow! Such a lot of exciting, interesting learning! I'm ready to come do school at your house. :)