Friday, December 1, 2017

It's vacation time....

We took the week off from formal lessons while on our trip to Nashville this time.

But we started our vacation by visiting the library for their Dr. Who Geek event.

They created Tardis balloons.

Lydia made a Tardis notebook

They had themed snacks.

Did Perler Beads

Then we headed down to Nashville to spend a few days relaxing.  They ate fair treats one night.  This place was located at Cool Springs Gallaria and they specialize in treats you get at the fair.

Joe and I worked out together a couple times.

I was a mean mom and made the girls do laps everyday while they were at the pool.  They have to keep practicing for their upcoming state competition.

My sister-in-law and our niece and nephew came with us again.  One afternoon we spent time at the Gaylord Opry hotel.  Love visiting this place and all the beauty they have under one roof.

The next day we visited the Parthenon in Nashville.  The girls had just finished learning about this, so thought it was an appropriate thing to visit and talk about. 

Then we went downtown one day and visited the GooGoo shop.  This was a big disappointment.  But it was someplace we had never been.

We headed home on Thanksgiving Day, after lunch at Cracker Barrel with friends.  Still enjoyed the leaves.

Joe and I celebrated the anniversary of our first date.  We have been together 20 years now!

When we got home, I ran to the store the next day and got the fixings for a family dinner with my sister-in-law and the kids.  It was super yummy!!

That was our week.  We tried to relax.  I did a little work on the server for Homeschool with Minecraft.  Unfortunately though I ended up with a couple pretty bad headaches and a migraine this week.  It was painful and I was miserable.  I was actually really glad to be home and in my own bed.

Now we are back to school next week.  Chugging along and finishing up some programs so that they can start new programs in January. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!  See everyone next Friday!!