Friday, December 8, 2017

Double Artist studies, Ancient Rome and China and Time Lapse

This week we started our study of the Fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22&23.  We are exploring each trait weekly.  This week was love.  I made posters to hang in the living room to help us practice memorization.

Caty and I started her next Life of Fred Book.   She and I started practicing time lapse that we started reading about.  We have been playing Race Around the Clock from Learning Resources.  I've had this game since before we started homeschooling.  Caty was struggling and frustrated and suddenly she realized how easy time lapse was while playing.  She was very proud of herself.

We covered geometry.

Lydia practiced fractions.  She has been struggling a bit and so we did a few refresher lessons.

In History, the girls studied about Ancient Rome (Julius Cesar, Coliseum, etc.) and also Ancient China.  For fun they built a small model of the Great Wall of China out of rice krispies and cake.  It was a tasty treat.

The mini marshmallows are soldiers.

I found some great books I had been saving for our studies.  The girls read these...

Julius Cesar graphic novel

We had double artist studies this week.  We got a little off schedule, so I wanted to make sure we get done on time this year.

Our first project was Rublev.  He was a monk who painted on wooden surfaces.  He re-painted pictures of Jesus.  So the kids decided to paint the first rainbow.

Our other artist was Jan Van Eyck.  These are their projects.  I got the idea from this.  Jan Van Eyck Triptychs

At basketball practice.

I felt very stressed all week.  I was just not feeling well.  I haven't been well for a few weeks, so I was attempting to do the best I could and I was overly stressed.  We did accomplish almost everything, and then the bottom dropped out on our week.  Our lives suddenly changed.... Early Friday morning, on a day we were planning on wrapping up our week and spending the evening watching movies .... life just stopped and we waited with our breath held as to what would happen next.

My mom called us suddenly at 6 am.  My husband answered the phone, and we both knew she had a stroke.  I ran to her house (literally, they live on the same property we do), and Joe called my dad.  We waited on the ambulance to arrive and kept her as calm as we could.  The EMTs ordered air transport for her.  They landed the helicopter about 1/4 mile from our house.  We were all very scared.  

As soon as we knew she was in the air, I headed for the hospital.  My dad works at the hospital where she was headed.  He had just finished his shift when we called him.  He headed back to the ER to wait for the helicopter.  It was a very rough weekend for her.  They did find the stroke deep in her brain, and it affected her right side and speech.  The dr. said that it would look bad and recover quickly.  Sure enough that is what happened.  She is making a quick recovery.  We spent several nights at the hospital, and she was transferred to a rehabilitation unit.  

I'll keep everyone updated on her progress over the next few weeks.

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