Friday, December 15, 2017

B-I-N-G-O, Hospital Time, Unicorn Cake and State Swim Meet

Being at the hospital with mom was exhausting.  I was torn in many directions.  I obviously wanted to help my mom in her recovery and be there for her and my dad.  I know she was scared and being stuck in a hospital bed is lonely and frustrating.  She spent 5 days at the hospital before being transferred to a stroke rehab facility in another hospital.  They said she was making quick progress.  She has been at the new place for 5 days now and WOW!!  Today when visiting her, we could barely hear that she had a stroke.  Her speech has improved to almost zero slur.  She is able to get up on her own and even tie her shoes.  She still has a ways to go, but could possibly go home in another week with continued home therapy.

But the week started out with Grandma still at the hospital in the stroke unit.  Joe brought the kids and we worked on schoolwork in the cafeteria.

We watched the Supermoon one night.

My mom is right handed.  So it was amazing to see her try and write her name.  Totally her own idea!!  (This was before she was transferred to rehab.  About 80 hours after the stroke.)

The very next day they transferred her. Brayden and I helped her move her stuff.  She was allowed to eat non-pureed foods, but still isn't allowed liquids.  He insisted we get her some fried chicken.  She was enjoying her dinner in her new room.

Between all of this, we did have schoolwork to keep up on.  It was a struggle and I did let quite a bit go.  We didn't cover any history this week.  I adjusted the boys reading amounts.  But I was a bit of a stickler...I made them keep up on basics.

But I did do geography with the girls.  This week we studied two counties.  The first was Belize.
For our geography meal, we had Salbutes, which are little fried tortillas topped with toppings like lettuce or cabbage, avocado, tomato, and cheese.  I fried up flour tortillas and allowed them to puff up a bit.  Everyone seemed to enjoy them.

We also learned about El Salvador.  Trying to play catch up with Central America this month so we can move onto South America in January.  For El Salvador we had Pastelitos...or at least a close version.  Everyone loved this, except Brayden.  I think he was just moody.

In HomeEc they learned about cooking with raw chicken.  The boys made a quick chicken and noodle casserole for lunch.

Caty learned how to make a poke cake.  She made a unicorn poke cake.

It was a hit...even Joe said it was super moist and so tasty.

On Wednesday I just needed to relax.  I was running so much and just so physically and mentally exhausted I was ready to collapse.  I put on my most comfortable pair of PJs with my fuzzy snowman socks.

And then we heard a much for a comfy and relaxing day...Ugh.  I had to change the pjs and keep an eye on them digging in our yard and make sure they didn't wake up my dad (who was trying to catch up on sleep also).

Last Sunday I made a bunch of bacon and cheese biscuits and put them in the freezer for Joe and the kids.  They loved them, and they were gone quickly.  So I spent a couple hours making more for the freezer on Friday.  Again...they are a hit here.  Why have I not been doing this more often?!?!  This week I really threw a bunch in the freezer to help Joe while I was at the hospital.  The kids didn't want to cook unless I was there.  It was crazy!

The social skill activity this month was Bingo.  Joey even participated!!

Brayden had so much fun!!

He's a bingo nut now!!  Cleaned up on prizes!!  Can't wait to see January Activities!!

Lydia hit a brick wall in her Pre-Algebra.  Something unraveled (it started happening before grandma's stroke so it wasn't related to that) and I could tell I needed to try something new.  So we started a review of some of the things she was struggling with.  We are going to work like this the next couple weeks and see what happens.  I love the Unlock Math program that she has been using and so does she.  But while she is struggling, we are going to review for mastery.  Just to help her.  More on this in the upcoming weeks.

Joe tried to help me with the kids work this week.  He and Caty were working on her CTC math practice and reading Life of Fred everyday.

The boys officially finished their Health program.  There's another partial credit on their transcript.  So now I am working on getting their Personal Finance programs started.  I also am going to have them focus on their Python programming the next few weeks.

This weekend, the girls participated in the Special Olympics Ohio, State Swim meet.  This is their second year.  They practiced hard for this.  We were very proud of them.  They were upset since Grandma was supposed to actually go with us this weekend.  Of course our plans of going to the swim meet and then on to Nashville this upcoming week completely changed.  But they wanted to win medals for her.

Lydia has 1 event ... 25M breast stroke.... She got 1st place!

Caty in the Bullpen warming up her

2nd place in her 25M Back Stroke

2nd place in her 50 M Back stroke...this was tough for her.  She's been having trouble with her back/spine staying in alignment.  With all the ups and downs this week, she didn't get to go to the chiropractor.  She was a tough cookie though.

Doing warm up laps on Sunday morning before the competition.

Saturday night in the hotel we had pizza and watched Despicable Me 3.  We were all tired...this was a big help!

Reading during the meet.  I'm going to add this to Brayden's Personal Finance course.  I'm enjoying this wonderful find!!

Caty taking a break after warm up laps.  She was tired from getting up so early for the drive to Columbus.

I did get the results back of my MRI...and next step is to see a neurologist.  But that whole mess of trying to find a neurologist is going to drive me mad.  I thinking of just giving up and hoping that I survive the pain and frustration.  If my life wasn't being affected so bad right now, I probably would give up.  But my quality of life affects Joe and the kids.  Someone needs to take care of  I'll keep you all updated as we learn new things and go down what may be new paths in life.

Well that was our Krazy Life in a nutshell.  Linking up with other moms at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. WOW! You did so much on top of caring for your mother. I hope you can take it easy soon. I love your geography meals.
    Blessings, Dawn

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  3. This seems to be roller coaster ride. In hospital, unicorn cake, bingo and swimming. Whole lot of task that has been done. It must be fun as well as pain(in hospital).

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