Sunday, December 17, 2017

Latest Addition to our Art Supplies!!

We were so excited to get a chance to review Magic Stix - 12 pack from The Pencil Grip, Inc.

We received the Magic Stix Washable Markers - 12 pack set ($9.99).  The colors are bright and you can do both a broad and fine line with them. They are excellent for school projects and fun coloring!!

But the one detail that set apart Magic Stix from all other markers is their guarantee.   Magic Stix are guaranteed that they will NOT dry out for 7 days if you leave the cap off!!  How many times have we had to throw away markers because of this reason?!?! 

Well, I had a huge issue with my experiment of the Magic Stix guarantee.  My son kept finding my experiment area and replacing the  😂😂  Any other time he would not even replace marker caps.  But I did manage to leave the cap off for several hours, including a full day before he found the new area I was leaving the markers.  Every time I started to color with them, it was as if I just took the cap off.  I was amazed!!

You can see below where I was using them after being left open for several hours.

The red was left out overnight with the cap off...still colored fine the next day.

The girls liked using the Magic Stix for their science posters.  Caty said they wrote smoothly and she was able to make fine lines.

Lydia used a combination of both the Magic Stix markers and of course our favorite, Thin Stix to make her poster.  (The brown area she colored in with Kwik Stix - Thin Stix.)

We LOVE Magic Stix markers.  Our new favorite brand.  We will be purchasing a larger set, so that the girls can stop fighting over them.  I highly recommend adding these to your homeschool supplies.  They are affordably priced and see how few markers you will have to replace!!

Magic Stix markers make a great gift idea!!!  Add them to your wish list today!!!


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