Monday, February 5, 2018

5 Things We Learn From Doing Art

Art is a subject that usually gets forgotten or pushed as unimportant.  Art though is a very important subject.  Art can be used to emphasize a wide range of subjects.  Here are 5 subjects that we have found work well together with art.....

1.  Math - Art contains a large amount of patterns, lines of perspective, and angles.  Artists work hard at centering and perspective.  Vermeer, for example, spent hours creating his masterpieces, finding the right perspective.  Raphael also spent much time for perspective.

Math Central has a great article on math in art. 

2.  Science - Scientists and artists both look very deeply at objects they are studying.  They use detailed drawings to examine and remember what they are seeing.  John James Audubon spent years traveling around the United States making detailed drawings of bird species, which we still enjoy today on our adventures.  His notes greatly helped scientists studying migratory patterns of birds and also their anatomy.  DaVinci's drawings have been used for centuries by the medical community.

John James Audubon


3.  History - Without art, we might not have some of the historical pictures we have of events.  Cave art helps us to learn more about nomadic tribes.  Egyptian art tells us about their culture.  Before the camera, correspondents would sketch scenes from battles for newspapers. 

4.  Geography - What better way to learn more about a culture than through drawing pictures of tourist areas such as volcanoes, Easter Island statues, or even the Eiffel Tower!!  Copying maps and adding these landmarks is also a great way to reinforce geographical features and topics.  We have been known create weaving projects, clay projects and even copy mud art that has been created in various countries.  These types of hands-on projects helps to fully immerse your student in the country they are studying.

5.  Creativity - Just plain creativity is encouraged with art projects.  You can guide your students to copy masterpieces, but you can also just turn them loose to see what is really up in their brains. I have learned that every child in our house is different when it comes to artistic expression.  They all prefer different mediums and supplies.  Some like to use the easels, and others want to just work flat on the table.  Every child sees a different color and different shapes in a piece of art.  Certain of our kids prefer abstract art, while others love realism and art with animals.  Doodling and drawing allows them expression. 

Even if it's just coloring in coloring books or doodling pages, we have really try to encourage more art with the kids.  I keep out new and exciting crayons, markers, colored pencils, oil pastels and paint/brushes.  The kids have free access to all of these materials.  Some days the expression is freer than others...but it's a start.

What are some ways you have used art in your homeschool?

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