Monday, February 5, 2018

Winter Olympics Resources

It's that time's time for the Winter Olympics.  From February 8 - 25, 2018 our TVs will be overloaded with a wide variety of sporting events!!  NBC has a full Winter Olympics page set up for us to browse through, you can also watch streaming on their page.

How can you incorporate the next few weeks into a full learning experience?  

A Few Suggestions Might Be:

1. Math and Science.... Learn about the various sporting events you are watching.  Research the history of the sport, how to participate in the sport, and what equipment would be used.  Is there math involved?  Is it just skill?  What are science aspects of the sports....Follow this Science of Olympics link I discovered.  Make bar graphs of Olympic medals earned by country.

Example of videos available:

2.  Art - drawing the Mascot and scenes

3.  Geography and Social Studies....  Where are the Olympics being held?  What are some of the cultural differences that our athletes will be facing while in South Korea?  

4.  History .... How much do you know about South Korea and it's history?  

Well we found some curriculum links we wanted to share with you to have some fun during the Winter Olympics.  This is a mix of both monetary and free resources.

1.  Winter Games 2018 by Amanda Bennett - $14.95 (we love these unit studies....easy lesson planning)

2.  Project Based Learning :  Winter Games 2018 - $6.59

3.  Activity Village - Winter Olympics Page

4.  Discovering the Olympics - Free downloadable resource

5.  History of the Olympics - Edgate

6.  List of Winter Olympic Sports

7.  Follow Team USA

8.  Olympic Traditions

10.  Scholastic Go For Gold - Olympic History - Great Resource!!!  - 

11.  Printable worksheets -

12.  Print

13.  Free coloring pages:  DLTK-KIDS
14.  WOO Jr. - Free coloring pages

Book Suggestions:

I hope you find these links helpful!!!  What other links have you found to use with your family?

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