Friday, February 2, 2018

Clean Water, Watersheds, Groundhog's Day, Circle C Adventures

We are reviewing a new-to-us curriculum right now, Be the Hands - Clean Water unit.  The timing of this works out perfectly because in our science we are wrapping up a unit about oceans and discussing how to take care of our oceans better.  But we are also getting ready for our World Thinking Day event with scouts and we are researching the trouble with the lack of clean water for families and girls in Peru.  (Be sure to check out this great resource.  I really like the amount of information provided both in print and online resources!!)

These are a few of the videos we have watched this week....

I love Groundhog's Day.  So I printed lots of fun little activities with writing, math, science and literature to do with Groundhog's Day.  Teachersherpa has been a great resource this year for that.

Monday was National Puzzle Day.  So I printed some fun, easy sudoku puzzles for the girls and pulled out a more challenging elementary level Sudoku set that we have had.  Lydia has proven she is ready for the next stages of Sudoku.  So I'm going to print her some more.

The girls did a poll online but also tracked what our family thought about Phil seeing his shadow.

We, of course, watched the live feed of the Groundhog's celebration in PA.

I also found a great history of Groundhog's Day on Animal Planet that they all watched too.  This video is the older version of the one we watched:

Lydia and I are amping up her studying for the Spelling Bee in a couple weeks.  It's crazy how quickly this is coming up on us.  

This week we worked on creating sentences by refreshing ourselves on parts of speech.  This is something I have noticed the last couple weeks that the girls need to improve on while writing various reports.  So we played Cooking with Sentences a lot.  We have had this game for a long time.

Shhhh...we broke out some fun Schoolhouse Rock videos too!!

I'm combining that with Roll-a-story worksheets.  As Lydia is working on her children's book, this is just a weakness I have noticed.  So by practicing with these small sheets the next couple weeks, this will help her in editing and creating her story.

Too be honest, after cramming in all that history.  I have been feeling it.  So I decided to relax a bit with Lydia and let her work on some fun projects (Caty too).  Lydia has read these Circle C Stepping Stones book 1 and 2.  But she just read them.  I downloaded the study guides that Susan K. Marlowe created for them for Lydia to really expand out on this series.  There's math, science, literature elements, and geography all included.  Hopefully this will help with me taking it a bit easy in February.  We are really facing a busy month due to some extra projects we are taking on.  (can't wait to share all our cool projects in February!!)

Other activities this week....

Caty had Spanish class.

(Practicing her colors in her Spanish workbook)

 I sent Joey and Brayden to make their own purchase.  But then I got nervous and hung out in the corner watching them.

The girls had a meet-up with their scout troop to get ready for their World Thinking Day event.  They are learning about the country of Peru.  (Sprinkles on their coffee drinks were an added bonus!)

Of course we watched the super, blue, blood moon video.  It was too cloudy to see it outside, so we watched the NASA feed and of course watched a bunch of videos about this unique event.

It's that time of the year....4H season is upon us.  I had my mandatory advisor training session this week.

They had their last basketball game of the season.  It was a blast.  Poor Caty though had bronchitis and couldn't run and play like she wanted to.

It was a great mail week...this is a fun review we are starting.  Lydia is loving The Art of Cursive from Cursive Logic.  It's really helping her with letter formation.

I treated myself to a new diffuser.  I love the smell of peppermint and pine diffusing!

In Science Club this week, the kids wrapped up the unit by presenting reports on a marine animal of their choice.  Lydia chose the vaquita and Caty chose the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.  We also discussed how to take care of our oceans and water safety.  Below is a watershed model that Joey made two years ago.  We used ti to discuss all the elements both man made and natural that affect our water.

For art, we learned about Jan Vermeer.  The kids drew The Girl with the Pearl Earring.  Caty, Joey and Brayden colored a printout of this piece of art.  Lydia drew it.

 Lydia had a riding lesson.  She working on riding with an English saddle.

One of the many math games we played this week.

The girls planned a big movie night/sleepover with some friends.  They planned games and a fun popcorn bar.  It was a lot of fun.  (The picture below is the Saran Wrap game.)

The Next morning was National Breakfast for Ice Cream of course we needed to celebrate that with waffles and ice cream sundaes.

Picture of Brayden roughin' it with his Switch on the way to the library.

Lydia and one of her friends started a review project I received.  It's a pair of Scout Moc from Tandy Leather.  They enjoyed getting these started.

We had a nice run of a few warm days the last couple weeks, but winter was bound to rear up again.  Brayden has been doing a good job keeping the birds fed.  There are several feeders along the back of our fence.  He takes care of them since my parents cannot right now.

Minus some coughs and a couple runny noses, we survived our week.  Joey got a little behind in his reading.  He is working on reading Wonder the next couple weeks for his literature unit.  The girls broke down and watched the movie before they read the book (they did it at their sleepover).  It was a great movie!  Joey and I will watch it in a couple weeks when he finishes the book.

Brayden finished up reading The Jungle Book for his literature unit this week.  He's working on some Real Life math skills.  He'll repeat a couple of the sheets next week, since he mixed up a few of the sections.  That's a great thing about learning these skills can learn from your make-believe mistakes!!  Hopefully he does.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week!!  Stay Healthy and see you next week!!

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  1. So many fun projects and learning activities! Looks like a very busy week. The new diffuser is so pretty, by the way. Thanks for linking up!