Friday, March 9, 2018

Living History, Air Pressure, Cezanne, and Friends

We started our week out with an old friend visiting us.  Caty was super excited to see her friend Sydney.  Holy cow...we don't even live that far apart, and trying to find time to get together is almost impossible!

Beautiful shot of the moon on a walk that Joe and I got to take this week during a break in the cold weather.

In Science this week, we continued studying about the weather.  The Science Club picked their weather topics.  Each one is going to be doing a report on a weather phenomenon and will make a presentation with an experiment.

The kids watching the water cycle in the living room.

During Science Club we did experiments in air pressure with eggs and water balloons.

Our artist study this week was Paul Cezanne

For our NatureMath class, we looked at the Circular patterns in shells and in nature.

This week we were able to start our Solar Energy on Mars Lab with the NASA project that we joined in.  It's been a weird winter of weather and then Lydia was sick one meet-up.  The girls were able to work on light refraction and reflection at this meeting.

Lydia started her Beast Academy math review.  She started struggling in Pre-Algebra.  So we are hitting the basics in review the next couple months so that we can see exactly what happened.  Then she'll do a review of the pre-algebra she started this summer, so she'll stay on track for math.

In Ohio History we did a lot of reading from this resource and watched videos on the Native Americans of Ohio.  We learned about how the explorers fought over land claims and the start of the Northwest Indian Wars or Ohio War took place.

Caty started her new Spelling program.  I love how the lessons forced her to break apart the words like I am always trying to get her to do.  It's Memoria Press - Traditional Spelling.

We had some snow/ice, so some of our extras were cancelled (and I wasn't a little happy due to  I hung out at home and stayed in my pjs as long as I could. 

But on Friday...It was a FAVORITE event.... Living History Museum Day.  We spent some time learning about specific individuals in History....

Helen Keller

Lucille Ball
 George Lucas
 Milton Bradley

Caty had her last Spanish class of that session.  She is signed up for the next session.  She loved practicing the parts of the face with this game.

As I look at our calendar and all we crammed in, it made me think of 20 years ago.  What would life had been like for us as homeschoolers.  I know where Joe and I lived at around that time, homeschooling was popular and there were groups set up.  But not where we live now.  What would it have been like to homeschool without all the activities and even the INTERNET!!!  I look at those pioneers of the current homeschool movement with great respect.  They paved the way for all that we enjoy and have to say No to today (since the schedule can only be so full!). 

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful week! I love the living history presentations.