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Parenting Made Practical - Taming the Lecture Bug..and Getting Your Kids to Think DVD Review

I'll be honest, it's a struggle to keep control in our house.  We recently had the opportunity to watch Taming the Lecture Bug And Getting Your Kids to Think DVD Seminar by Joey and Carla Link from Parenting Made Practical.  It has been a great reminder on how we are handling our parenting choices.

I find myself getting into a cycle.  The kids do not do a chore or fight about work that is assigned to them.  I lecture about why they need to complete this task, and voices inevitably get raised.   We really get no where....I am literally repeating myself constantly.  Frustration ensues from both sides, and this does not lead to a happy family life.

Taming the Lecture Bug and Getting Your Kids to Think was created to teach parents how to change their "discipline" style so that they can motivate their children to think for themselves and help them to change behaviors.  We received the 53 minute DVD ($12.95) to review, but there is also a printed book that you can purchase as well.

Joey and Carla Link use the approach they are trying to show parents, by not lecturing to parents in what they are doing wrong.  But instead, with the help of their own daughter, they show parents how to adjust how they correct their children.  They use personal examples and examples of other parents they know to show how to make the adjustments in their discipline techniques.

I actually have watched Taming the Lecture Bug and Getting Your Kids to Think three times now.  I took notes the first time, so I couldn't forget.  But each time, I noticed I picked up a couple more points.  There are many basic reminders for parents.  One big one is, What are you teaching your children about lying?  Do you tell them "little white lies"?  Is there such a thing as a little lie.  If you children realize you are lying, will they respect you and what you are even saying to them.

They introduce you to the different personality types that your children could have, and how to handle each one.  They cover the tone you are using with your children.  We all get tired, or what am I saying, just plain exhausted.  Our kids know this, but do we take our exhaustion out on them?  Is the tone we are using encouraging open communication or is it like a brick wall that you are building between you?

Another point was do you telling your children what to think and do, or do you ask them questions that cause them to think and yet do not require extensive answers.  I found it interesting that when asking many children questions, you do not want to force them to answer with more than yes or no responses.  This doesn't help the relationship that you are building, and it causes frustration on both sides.

Throughout the video, you are referred to the greatest advice book known to mankind, your Bible.  The Biblical references help you to dig even deeper into becoming better parents.  We were given a big responsibility in raising our children, and we know that no one is perfect.

Our experience with using this program had been positive.  Old habits die hard, so having the DVD will be wonderful for quick viewing reminders!  I keep my notes handy as reminders on what to say or do.  And to remind myself to keep constantly correcting my styles that could build a wall and affect communication.
Taming the Lecture Bug And Getting Your Kids to Think is packed full of reminders and new points on nurturing and cultivating a renewed relationship with your children and teaching them how to be the best adults as possible.  You can use this information from birth through college years.  

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