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NatureGlo's eScience - MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle Review

We had the neatest opportunity recently to review the MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle from NatureGlo's eScience.  The MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle has given us a lot of extra historical information and a great reminder that math is all around us.

For our review, we were given access to 4 different classes that Gloria Brooks has created, as part of the MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle.  Each different class will help your student to see how math, history, and science are all related in their sciences and uses.  So far we have used the MathArt in Ancient Cultures 6 week class, and also started MathArt - Patterns in Nature 6 - week class during the review period.  We will soon be starting the other two classes available, Math Connections with the Real World and Mathematics in the Arts and Sciences.  This gives you access to 24 weeks (potentially depending on your speed through the lessons) of material.

The MathArt in Ancient Cultures class is a 6 session class that contains a weekly theme that surrounds the ancient worlds of Greece, Rome, India, and even Central America.  We have recently finished our first half of our ancient history studies, so I was excited to do some review with this class that would help us uncover more that we did not read in our typical history books.

Each lesson is divided up into classroom materials, embedded videos, and some include class recordings of live classes that Gloria Brooks has taught online.  The MarthArt in Ancient Cultures class is one of those that contained the live recordings.  Included also are printable worksheets and a journal entry that your student can use to reinforce what they are watching in the videos.

As you finish each lesson, you receive an achievement once you have marked it completed.  I found this to be an easy way to track where we left off.  The kids loved seeing these pop up on the screen!

The lessons were really time manageable.  I didn't require any extra research for the kids, so our typical reading together and watching the videos would take us roughly an hour to complete a full lesson, unless I had an extra art project for them to do.  We did this very often.  The MarthArt in Ancient Cultures class really took us many places and gave us an in-depth look at math and science in history and how these early cultures still influence our society today.

Learning about Ancient India....

Looking at the designs created in Moroccan tile art. 

Learning how to create glyphs based on the mystery of cracking symbols in Mayan Art.

It wasn't all just art, we did look at the math figuring of the Pythagorean theory and platonic solids.

I felt this was a great wrap-up to our Ancient history studies as we enter the Middle Ages.  The class materials that are made available include links for further research, and also interactive pages where the kids could really explore about Ancient Greece and Rome.

When we finished, we printed certificates of completion for their portfolios.

I was really excited to get started on our next class right away.  We have started MathArt - Patterns in Nature.  This 6 - week class really encourages your student to look at the world around them.  See the patterns in animal coats, flower petals and geometric shapes in their everyday life.

As we were going through our first lesson, the kids noticed my flowers on the table to talk about circular patterns.

You can see the Nautilus shapes on the art wall for that week, as we talked about those types of spiral patterns, they created their own beautiful spiral.

On a walk they discovered fallen pine cones with this shape also.  They were really looking around.

The MathArt -Patterns in Nature class is set up very similar to the MathArt in Ancient Cultures class.  The material is broken down into 6 lessons, which contains powerpoint presentations, videos and even extra research ideas on some of the subjects.  So far we have not gotten a class recording in this class, as I believe it is very new.  But we have just finished week 3, and even without the videos to watch, the kids are still enjoying the class.  The MathArt - Patterns in Nature is more than just a look at ancient Math and art we still see today, it is the math and art that is all around us.  Seeing the images on the screen and then seeing some of the same things in real life allows them to bridge together all they are learning.

NatureGlo's eScience Math and Art classes have been a welcome change in our normal routine.  All of the kids have enjoyed little aspects of every lesson.  I have been doing the lessons as a group.  NatureGlo's eScienceMathArt Online 4-Class Bundle is written for middle school through high school, but upper elementary students can easily use the program also.  You can assign out extra research for older kids.  

I included as many suggestions that Gloria Brooks offered as we had time for.  You can use the MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle as unit studies, stand alone math or supplemental material. These extra studies (using hands-on art to emphasize their experience) have really taken the boredom out of science and math studies.  It has been fun to see what new material we are learning each week.  We will be finishing MathArt in Nature in 3 weeks.  Our next study will be Math Connections in the Real World.  I can't wait to get started.

My prep time for using the MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle is really minimal.  I do pre-read the lessons before I go over them with the kids.  I needed to gather very few supplies, most we already had at home or I needed to printed specific coloring pages that I knew would help the kids grasp the material even more.  The program is very user friendly.  So if you have an older student using this program, they could easily do their studies independently.  

If you prefer, you student could also take live classes as they are offered.  Gloria Brooks keeps her scheduled updated on her website.  I really did like the recorded classes that we watched on MathArt in Ancient Cultures class.  I thought she did a wonderful job keeping the students involved in the classes, so I would definitely consider the kids taking a live class with her.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew also had the opportunity to review the MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle from NatureGlo's eScience, written by Gloria Brooks.  Click on the link below to visit their blogs and see what worked for them in their homes.

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