Friday, April 6, 2018

Alexander Calder, Bird Feathers and Nests, Happy Anniversary,

We started out our week trying to get the 3D Printer put together.  Lots and lots of pieces and there's still some electrical connections that Joe is tweeking!  What a pain.  Hopefully she'll be up and running soon.

Our artist this week is Alexander Calder.  The kids made an art project from Behold the Beauty.  They did Aluminum foil forms of birds (our Science theme of April) and covered them with tissue paper.

Lydia's finished bird we have placed in our spring flower box.

We attended a Birding 101 workshop at a local library.

We also learned about the types of Bird Nests:

The kids created their own.

This is Caty's pendant nest along with Brayden's bird creation.

They explored bird feathers:

Practiced with their new binoculars to go birding next week.

It was the last week of our Science Club study of Weather.  This week the kids did Weather reports on storms they were assigned.  Lydia did one on Droughts.  Caty on Thunderstorms.

Lydia's experiment was laying a piece of processed cheese under a light.  It was nasty and you could see the liquid/oil escaping under the heat.

Caty did hot/cold air masses coming together.

In Art Club we worked on Matisse cutouts

Lydia did a cutout of Smores her new rabbit.

Playing at the park after our Troop meeting.

We had a new addition to our family...Smores the rabbit.

Cake designs this week....

Peanut/chocolate cake - Joey had someone leaving his work this week.  So she created this cake for Joey to take to work.

Lydia got in on the fun and make a cherry cake.

Cupcakes Caty practiced on.

Chocolate vanilla rainbow cake that Caty made.

Lemon cake she made for daddy.

The kids worked on their shadow boxes for the Book Carnival next week.  This was quite an undertaking.

Why yes, she was using a headlamp to light the box that she was

We got a new recliner and it's Caty approved.

We celebrate our anniversary with our kids and families.  We celebrate it as the start of our family.  We have a big party with my brother and sister-in-law and their family and my parents, because all of our anniversaries within days of each other.  Our kids each got their big gifts from us early.  Joey got a Smart TV, Brayden got a PSP and camera/mic for his Youtube videos, Lydia got the 3D printer and Caty got her electric drum set.  These are some other shots from that day (FYI...3 of the above cakes were for this party!)

A Wallet full of money from Grandpa and Grandma!

More games!

A picture Brayden painted for Grandpa

Playing a new board game - Googly Eyes that Lydia received.

 Cat Butt tissue holder

Her 3D pen!  I think Caty's favorite has been the 3D pen she got from her uncle and aunt.  We may be going through a lot of plastic!

My hubby got me a raw amber necklace.  So did my brother and ready for the benefits!

Grandpa playing with Smores

Joe and Finn relaxing later on.

Present from Lydia

We finished our Bible reading in preparation for the remembrance of Christ's death.  The girls both made Memorial Bread (unleavened bread) this year again.  It's a tradition we have after we finish our Bible reading of the final days of Jesus life.

We then went to the Kingdom Hall then for the annual Memorial Observance of Jesus final meal with his apostles and his death.  I forgot to get our annual pictures, but we got some the next morning at Sunday Meeting.

We had a full and great week.  We crammed in a lot of things this week.  We still had gymnastics, Joey worked a full day also.  Lydia had riding too.

We have survived and hope that you had a great week too!

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  1. Oh... such an interesting week you've had.. those birds are rather cool. :)

  2. I love the bird project. You all do such great things. I love the hands on learning.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. A very interesting week with so many cool projects! My daughter enjoyed studying Alexander Calder a few years ago when she did some art projects inspired by his styles. Great job on the cakes!