Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Book Carnival 2018

Every year for almost 9 years now we have had the opportunity to take place in some way/form with the International Edible Book Festival.  For our homeschool group, probably 8 years ago we switched to a non-edible form so that we could help those with food allergies and also NOT waste food.  I love putting this event together.  Its so much fun to watch the kids plan out their books and even more fun to see what all the kids come up with.

Little House on the Prairie

The Impossible Quest

Black Beauty

Andi's Indian Summer (This is Lydia's.  She loves the Circle C Series.)

A Nest for Celeste

Dragons Love Tacos (This is Caty's.  She LOVES this book!!...those are little playdough tacos she made laying all over.)

Sign of the Beaver

Harold and the Purple Crayon (This was the pre-school category)

James and the Giant Peach

This little guy had something to represent each chapter.  I ordered this series from the library for Caty!

This was the other side of this project.  It was huge!!  And Amazing!

Harry Potter

Joey did this...It's the first How to Train a Dragon book.

Princess Bride

Brayden did this one...Star Wars Episode 1.  He made that ship from aluminum foil and modge podged the tissue paper on.

Everyone did an AMAZING JOB!!

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