Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Shopping for Science Curriculum

It's that time of the year.  Curriculum shopping.....Here are some of our favorites from our studies the last few years.


Apologia Science is amazing.  Their student notebooks are wonderful for scientific studies and exploring science for answers.  There is never a lack of hands-on experiments with Apologia curriculum.  They even offer high-school pre-college level programs to get your students ready for their higher education.

Memoria Press

I have to admit I really love several of the Memoria Press science series.  It teaches the way kids used to learn.  I do need a little extra time for researching experiments depending on the program we are using.  But I have really liked the textbooks we have used so far.

Bob Jones

We have used these books several times during elementary school.  The kids like the illustrations/pictures and the material is not overwhelming to them.

4H Curriculum

We LOVE using 4H curriculum for science studies.  I require the kids to do one cooking and one science project minimum each year.  There are so many choices.  You can order them from the website (even if you are not in 4H) or visit your local county extension office to purchase the books.

Real Science 4 Kids

This series is from a secular view.  Very easy to use.  Lots of hands-on experiments.  The books have lots of illustrations/pictures that the kids enjoyed.  The elementary series was not overwhelming!  It was easy to teach!

Elemental Science

This curriculum allows for open research and learning.  You have guidelines and can use stories to learn more about science topics that kids are interested in.  They have options from elementary through high school.  It's very easy to use!!

Sassafras Twins Science

These ziplining twins will have you on the edge of your seat as you visit animal habitats and learn about the human body.  The kids really enjoyed this series.  I loved the audio book option for the reading.  It was really just a big story book.  I recommend the student book and teachers guide also.

Do you have a favorite science curriculum? What do you like using?

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FYI....I did not receive anything for these posts.  These materials are all ones we have used and would recommend!

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