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ARTistic Pursuits Inc. - Art of the Middle Ages Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray Review

The girls love art time.  We recently had the opportunity to review Art of the Middle Ages Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blue-Ray from ARTistic Pursuits Inc..  Affordable art instruction brought to you at home!

Art of the Middle Ages Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray is part of a new text and video art instruction series from ARTistic Pursuits Inc.  Other titles in the series include Art of the Ancients, Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance, and Art for Children-Building a Visual Vocabulary.  Written for kids in Grades K-3, many of the projects would still be fun for older students if you are teaching multiple grade levels.

Each book contains art lessons centered around specific subjects, such as the Middle Ages in the books we were chosen to use.  Using mostly basic art items, Art of the Middle Ages contains eighteen lessons featuring art from the Middle Ages.  These include Byzantine Mosaics, Book Illumination, fabric art, and wood art.

Some lessons include just visual/text lesson with an example of what the finished project will resemble, while there are other lessons that contain video instructions.  Included with your purchase of the titles from the ARTistic Pursuits Inc. - Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray series, will be both a DVD and Blue-Ray disk for instruction.  Not every lesson is in a video format.  In Art of the Middle Ages, six of the eighteen lessons were video format.  

I wasn't sure what to expect from the video instruction.  Was it worth it?  I was very impressed.  The videos do not contain just the steps on how to finish the project, but our videos also contained some historical facts and information from people dressed in period clothing.  The instructors were telling the kids why they would be doing this art and how it resembled something from the middle ages.

This is the example I am showing.  Caty wanted to do a Panel Drawing.  We stepped it up a level, because I actually had some boards in my art supply closet.  But a thicker piece of art paper is what the supplies shows as being needed, so something you already have at home.  The instructions are laid out in the video instruction.  We really did need to watch that information to complete the project.  The book pages for this lesson shows a picture of the finished project, lists supplies needed and very basic information about how long the project would take.  This was a multiple day project since she had to wait for the glue to dry between steps.

The video was about twenty minutes in length, and not "boring".  We both learned about art on wood instead of canvas.  Then she got busy on her bird project.

This is her final project design.  She decided to use a real twig, instead of drawing one.  She plans on using this for a state fair project entry, so wanted to set it apart.

As most of you know, I love combining subjects in as many ways as possible.  I feel that it not only makes life easier for me, but it also shows the kids that what they are learning has multiple purposes.  Art of the Middle Ages Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blue-Ray from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. really does a great job combining subjects for me.  As we begin our study of the middle ages, we are learning facts from the videos and the text lessons about this time period.  Combining history with art is a win-win combination.  

Art of the Middle Ages Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blue-Ray from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. lessons are very management for children of all ages, and even all abilities.  With a little help, even students with special needs and learning disabilities can go through lessons with their parents, and I'm sure the video instructions would help them immensely.  Caty understood what was expected of her so much better than me just reading the lesson to her.  The video instruction is great for visual learners!  I wish I would have had the Art of the Ancients book back in the fall when we first started our ancient history study!  

You do not need an art degree to teach your children art at home.  Just a few regular supplies can take them through history using the Art Instruction Book with DVD and Blu-Ray series from ARTistic Pursuits, Inc. 

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