Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Whirlwind May

May was a whirlwind.  We had field trips, and lectures we attended.  There was outside work to get working on.  I literally was exhausted nightly, and was never bored trying to keep up.  One really cool field trip we were able to go on was to a Border Patrol station in Michigan.  We learned some really interesting facts about this job.  And heard some great stories.  I cannot post all our pictures, but all the kids (including dad) was able to see some very cool stuff!

Learning about the drug dog and how he's trained.

Giving us a demonstration on how he works.

Never knew that Michigan Border Patrol would have bike patrols.  But there are miles of lake shore and parks.  Someone must patrol it.

Sitting in the back of the car after being detained for being from Ohio....lol

Lots of cool equipment for us to see!

We took a field trip to the local butterfly house to finish wrapping up our butterfly studies.

We had our art show.

A few nature walks...to go with our birding adventures.

Caty got her summer hair cut.

Learned about Hummingbirds

Worked on schoolwork and art.

Lots of cooking projects underway!

Bocce ball night

Lydia running around barefoot outside had to have a large splinter removed under the skin.

Caty and her friend Amelia meeting Daniel Tiger at a local store.

Joe got me a new bike...but I've only had time to ride it once.  Hopefully soon!

Enjoying the sunshine and being the only one in the van!

Deck painting is underway!

Lydia has a bunch of riding show opportunities this summer.  We will be busy keeping up with just that!

The dogs are exhausted trying to keep up too!

Balloon Art class with the girls


A wonderful homeschool mom sets up a big Science Fair for our area.  It's a lot of fun and so neat to see all the kids hard work!

The boys worked together on their "What is Growing on Your Shoes?" project.

Caty worked on baking science.

Lydia went with Horse Anatomy.

Lydia was able to take part in the All American Youth Show in Columbus, Ohio.   She brought home her first Blue Ribbon!

Learning about a butterfly's proboscis in Science Club.  One of the moms created an experiment in how their proboscis unrolls to drink from flowers.

The last couple weeks posts have pretty much covered our month of May.  It's been nuts and very hard to keep up with all the kids and where they had to be at.  June is going to be crazy...and July too.  Both the boys will have jobs with the county Summer Youth program.  The girls have camps and playdates...and I'm getting anxiety just thinking of our schedule.  But come back next week...and see all the fun we'll be having!

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