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Northwest Treasures - Dinosaurs and the Bible Video Course Review

Northwest Treasures

As a Christian, how do you answer your child's questions about dinosaurs?  We recently had the opportunity to review Dinosaurs and the Bible video class and Taking the Mystery out of Geology from Northwest Treasures.  What a great concept, so glad we were able to review this.

Dinosaurs and the Bible Online Course

Teaching Geology can be challenging.  The force behind Northwest Treasures was sharing their finds/rocks at homeschool conventions.  People were requesting that they create a curriculum, and Northwest Treasures was born.  Northwest Treasures teaches from a Biblical view, with evidence showing that we live on a young earth and the Great Flood really took place.  Geology really lays a foundational basis for many other science studies, so a good understanding is vital.  Northwest Treasures makes this possible for parents, and makes it fun for the kids too.

Dinosaurs and the Bible is a 6 week video course, that you can complete at your own pace.  Each of the six lessons runs approximately 18 - 21 minutes long, so great for short attention spans.

The videos are presented in a lecture style, but in more of a slide presentation that includes pictures to make it easier for the kids for attention span and to understand.  They can see charts and pictures of what they are listening about, kind of like having a library book read to them at times.  Which I think is wonderful, because this worked great for our kids as we worked through the course.

At the end of each lesson, there is a printable set of comprehension questions for your student to answer.  These can be used in multiple ways.  You could use them after you watch the lesson, or when working with special needs kids like we do, we used the questions during the lessons.  So as they watched we would pause the video and discuss the questions or have them fill in the answer to the questions.  I do not give them "tests" over material, so this helped them write it down immediately while it is fresh in their mind.  When you have finished all six lessons, there is a comprehension test of all six lessons that is available.  An answer key is provided for each set of questions and also the final test.  These questions and test are made available for easy download in PDF format.

Dinosaurs and the Bible is packed full of information.  I had never heard of most of the people that he discussed during the videos.  They were well-written and kept in line with Biblical teachings.

Dinosaurs and the Bible can be used by students in Grade 5 and up.  And it's a very budget friendly option for families.  When you purchase, you get six months access to the six video lessons.  Plenty of time to complete the materials provided.  They recommend a 6 week time period, but since we are on a part-time schedule, we did 2-3 lessons a week and finished in just under 2 1/2 weeks.  You can really adjust it to your families needs.  If 20 minutes is too long for your child (and we all know that is possible), the VIMEO player is very user friendly, and you can pause, stop and start when you need to.  Although we found it didn't save where we were, so we would guess about where we were if I forgot to write it down.

Lesson 3 - Dinosaurs and the Bible, The Great Dinosaur Rush from Patrick Nurre on Vimeo.

You can purchase an extra fossil pack from Northwest Treasures that was specifically created for the Dinosaurs and the Bible online class.  

We have enjoyed the Dinosaurs and the Bible class from Northwest Treasures.  I am so happy to see a class that centers around Biblical teachings and not trying to discredit the Bible.  Science and the Bible do go together, and Northwest Treasures helps parents out in this area.  I am planning on signing up for more of the classes from Northwest Treasures for the boys.  They also offer a high school level geography course as well as a wide selection of geology courses that center around some of our country's greatest national parks.  Their curriculum ranges from pk through high school.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to view the Dinosaurs and the Bible video course, as well as two other courses.  Click on the links below to see how they used these programs and what they thought about them.

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